A few questions about work experience?

Question by bunny: A few questions about work experience?
I need to fill in my work experience journal but stuck on a few things. Thanks

1. Give two examples of what the Health and Safety At Work Act (1974) is trying to do.

2. What is the main purpose of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005?

3. What is customer satisfaction and customer loyalty?

4. Two advantages of good environmental management?

Thanks all answers are appreciated.

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Answer by c_fol

1 – To ensure employers know their responsibilities for providing a safe work place, and to ensure that employee’s understand their role in this.

2. To eliminate unfair discrimination where a persons physical limitations do not impact on the functions their job requires them to perform.

3. Satisfaction = content with the quality of product or service; Loyalty = they return to the same provider of the product or service. Ideally, both are linked, but not always (brand loyalty, convenience etc)

4. Less risk of harm to the environment – which can lead to; damaged reputation, fines associated with breaching regulations, costs associated with clean up. And clear conscience of course. 🙂



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