Does anyone have any ideas on how to save money on groceries?

Question by adobeprincess: Does anyone have any ideas on how to save money on groceries?
I am on a budget and am looking for ways to save money on my food bill. Do you have any ideas on cheap ways to get good nutrition?

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Answer by shelcom
Use coupons. Peanuts and beans provide a lot of protein so you’ll need less meat.

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  1. Peter B says:

    Read all junk/ad flyer’s and save as many coupon as possible

  2. nupeper says:

    store brands, buy in bulk when possible, look for sales

  3. aiownk says:

    Know your prices. Make a ‘price’ book for those items that you normally use so you’ll know when you go shopping if the item is a good price or not. This will also tell you which store(s) have the best prices for what.

    Go to farmer’s markets. I find I can get fresher fruits and vegetables for a LOT less than the grocery stores carry it…and it lasts longer.

  4. Rella says:

    Look at the unit price when deciding what size item to buy. Or, if the grocery store tag doesn’t tell you how much something is per ounce, for example, you can figure it out yourself. Price of item divided by unit (such as ounces)=price per unit. This tells you which size is the better value.

    Take a calculator with you to the grocery store for this purpose. I like the kind of pocket calculator that comes with a cover over the keypad (it flips open), so I can keep it in my purse at all times without it being destroyed

    Coupons for items you buy anyway are of course helpful. These are usually in the Sunday paper. Sometimes you get more coupons if you subscribe to the paper rather than if you just pick it up off the newsstand. You could try subscribing for a little while to see if this is true for the paper in your area. Keep a coupon organizer with you when you shop.

    Is there a discount grocery store near you, such as an Aldi’s or Marc’s? These can be helpful, but it still pays to be aware of how much things usually cost (using a price book or just remembering), because not everything is a good deal, although some things will be.

    How about a Wonder Bread or Hostess thrift store, that sells day-old bread and other bakery items?

    Check at your local library or bookstore for some cookbooks featuring thrifty recipes, such as “Miserly Meals” by Jonni McCoy.

    Plan your meals around the weekly sales listed in the circulars. Look to see what’s on sale, look at what you already have in your pantry, and plan meals around that.

  5. xylina_69 says:

    Keep track of what you have in your fridge, what you eat, what usually goes bad, and what has been collecting dust in your pantry…

    If you buy stuff that you don’t use up in time, buy smaller portions…waste not…

    If you eat lots of a certain thing, try to buy it in bulk, a lot of times, the more you buy, the cheaper the price

    Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach…you’ll start buying anything that you think you might crave…big money

    Go to the store with a list of items that you want, and the approximate amount of cash that you think you will need. Do NOT bring a credit card or ATM card. Also, it may seem weird, but bring a calculator, and keep track of what’s in your buggy so you don’t exceed the cash in your purse.