Does anyone know any good tips for studying and putting an end to procrastination?

Question by Sweet Tweet: Does anyone know any good tips for studying and putting an end to procrastination?
I’m in college and this semester I haven’t really been trying my best. I’ve had issues with my mother calling a lot and stressing me out and money issues and also have just felt disconnected from the whole college experience. My classes didn’t seem that important and my grades are suffering. I’m trying to get back in the habit of doing work again and studying but it’s hard sometimes and often I put things off until the last minute and then end up not being able to do it or forget about it. How do I stop doing this?

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Answer by MC_Pinay
Proper time management and study habits are really important. If your grades are suffering and you don’t feel interested or inclined to the subject matter of the class, you don’t have to know it deeply.
My philosophy during exams is that people who pass the exams don’t need to know the course, they just need to know the exam. So you must study by the module or by topic. I am not asking you to forget the past topics. What I am telling you is that you should know what topic to take on the exam. Try to make a daily checklist of the things you need to do and accomplish. If they are not done at the end of the day, include them on your checklist for the next day and so on. Make sure your checklist is realistic because when I was your age, I get disappointed whenever I failed to finish them all. So make it attainable. Slowly, you’ll get the habit.

If you think you have a serious case of procrastination, which I don’t think so, you may check this website for helpful tips. For you to stop it, know its cause. To stop water from the garden hose, you must find the water source or the faucet. That is where you stop the water.

Good Luck on your studies…

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