Don’t tariffs just cause inflation instead of making American production cheaper?

Cost Reductions
by acb

Question by Progressives are thieves: Don’t tariffs just cause inflation instead of making American production cheaper?
Tax and regulation cost reduction is the only thing making American goods cheaper. Otherwise all costs go up and no one benefits except on necessities like food. Even then Americans switch brands or food to unhealthier cheap Mac & Cheese type foods.
Remember how Japan & Toyota put voluntary limits on imports and GM just jacked their prices in response. They made record prfoits instead of gaining market share.
Matthew D – What the hell are you talking about?

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Answer by Matthew D
If that were the case; how on earth would profit and investment even exist?

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7 Responses to “Don’t tariffs just cause inflation instead of making American production cheaper?”

  1. NPR NEWWS says:

    all tariffs do is make products more expensive for americans to buy. including food.

  2. Smells like New Screen Names says:


    It just raises the prices on goods which compete with imports.

    Many food stuffs, such as beef or grains would remain the same. some would even drop in price, as foreign powers imposed their own tariffs.

  3. Average Union Worker says:

    tariffs spark trade wars, and the economy suffers

  4. Frank Capoano says:

    Yes, it kills competition, so unions can drive up the price of labor and then charge whatever they want for their products. It sucks

  5. david says:

    Tariffs make foreign goods more expensive, so they make domestic goods cheaper on a relative basis, but also do increase the overall cost to the consumer. The real problem is that high tariffs cause other countries to respond in kind, causing a decrease in our exports.

  6. WhatBrain? says:

    American products would increase in price due to lack of cheap competition. It hurts the people, the economy, and can cause trade wars and has been blamed as a primary cause of the Great Depression.

  7. Sarah B says:

    History tells us that when we place tariffs (taxes on imported goods) on products than in retaliation the country who we are importing from decides to place tariffs on American goods. Tariffs are suppose to help the American economical system but does end up hurting us more than helping us.The goal was to make foreign products higher so Americans would choose the lower and domestic brand. Tariffs wouldn’t cause inflation just more political policy problems.