House passes $50.5 billion in Sandy aid

House passes .5 billion in Sandy aid
Democrats were more politically pointed as they brushed back Southern conservatives who sought either to reduce the measure or offset part of its cost through spending cuts elsewhere in the budget. ''I just plead with my colleagues not to have a double …
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Brewer's Price
She calculates that Arizona stands to gain some $ 2 billion a year in Medicaid benefits at little cost to the state treasury: Arizona will be asked to pick up at most 10 percent of the expense, and none of it for the next few years. … these perverse …
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Country to get update on JPS natural gas plant
The JPS, in its 2011 Annual Report, said the new plant would help reduce the cost of electricity and fall in line with its plans to build newer, more efficient power plants and diversify away from oil-fired generation units. It said the investment will …
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