How can I make money fast?

Question by Tayler: How can I make money fast?
I am 13 years old in 8th grade, I’m saving up for a People to People function where I have the opportunity to travel Europe with other middle school kids. It costs about seven thousand dollars and I want to get at least half, hoping my parents will pay for the other half. The trip is next summer (2012), and my friend and I need money. Have any ideas?

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Answer by Johny
Car wash or fund risers

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  1. Spongebong Hemp pants says:

    Yeah loads of ideas but none of them are legal.

    Wait til you finish school then go travelling, us will enjoy it more when your older.

  2. Monty Noblezada says:

    7 grand is a lot of money! If you look old enough, I’d suggest getting a job as a server at some restaurant. You could get about $ 100 with tip a week each and the job isn’t super challenging. In about 5 months, 4 weeks •5 months • ($ 100+($ 50 tip)) = $ 3000

    If you and your friend both work, it’s $ 6000.
    You have to work 20 hours a week getting $ 5 an hour. And You would get $ 50-$ 100 tip a week, so you could end up with more.

    Come visit my house for some cookies? In Switzerland?