How can I save gas and money while traveling across country?

Question by dblanco_82: How can I save gas and money while traveling across country?
I’m relocating from California to Texas this week (military) and I wanted to know if anyone has any good suggestions for saving money while traveling. I want to try and do what I can to save money and use my gas as efficiently as possible.

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Answer by newyorkgal71
Hitch-hike like the 60’s generation did.

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  1. JazzSinger says:

    The best way to save gas on a long trip is to simply not drive so fast. I have a car that gives me the gas mileage on a display in the dash, and I can see the mileage go down as I drive faster. Sticking to the speed limit works out just fine.

    Anything else would just be common sense. Eat fast food instead of at nicer restaurants. If you have to stop and spend the night somewhere, pick a decent hotel, but nothing too fancy. Etc. . .

  2. Haru T says:

    You need to do just two things

    #1 Read this article

    #2 Swithch to a fuel efficient car. Calculate your saving using

  3. Mike B says:

    In regards to not driving too quickly, make sure you dont drive any higher than 55 MPH, this is partly because your gas effieciency is greatly reduced after that speed. This is caused by air resistance your car creates by the speed, which makes your engine work harder to stay at the same speed.

    Although it would probably be quite hard to do this on a drive from California to Texas, try driving with your AC turned down or off, or your windows down. By not using AC your car will be more fuel efficient overall.

    You can also make your car MUCH MORE fuel efficient by making sure your air filter is clean (if its dirty replace it). By replacing your spark plugs, you can actually make your car 30% more fuel effiecient,so make sure they are in good shape/replaced by the time you start your travels.

    Hopefully these tips helped,if you’d like a little more help I suggest you check out for more help on making your car as fuel efficient as possible!
    Good Luck!,

  4. tcoyc says:

    Well, I just got back this past week-end from a trip that was over 750 miles long….We were testing a new additive that claimed to increase gas mileage…I was pretty skeptical as there are LOTS Of claims going around right now.

    SO anyways. I stuck 1/2 oz of this product into my tank when I filled my 1998 Honda Odyssey which gets a respectable 24 miles to the gallon on the internet state..

    It was 381 miles later when we filled up and we increased our miles per gallon by 15% which saved us about 64 cents a gallon…pretty decent I would say..

    ON the way back, we showed a 19% increase and got 28.6 miles per gallon…This was fantastic and I am very happy with these results and it is documented and proven savings.

    Also, the car ran GREAT….

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  5. swlaughter1971 says:

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