how much is the current complete living cost in adelaide?

Question by gentledude: how much is the current complete living cost in adelaide?
please suggest the economical car to purchase, economical rental house/apartment , recommended area, grocery/household/clothes shopping. any other cost cutting tips recommended to a foreigner coming to adelaide for doing masters with his family.

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Answer by Daydreamer
You have an awful lot of questions wanting lots of answers. It really is a bit overwhelming. I would suggest you go on the Internet, and research Adelaide from that. Maybe if you googled Adelaide Advertiser ( local daily paper) you could get to see adverts re rent, cars, etc. Just be aware there is a good transport system. You can get to the City if need be from the outer suburbs in around half an hour.

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  1. fruitsalad says:

    You haven’t said which uni you will be studying at. The Elizabeth area is the cheapest for 3 bedroom rentals. Closer in to Uni SA or Adelaide Uni the Blair Athol or Campbelltown area are good value, or closer to Flinders Uni the Reynella area is fairly economical.

    Australia is quite expensive, I’m afraid I can’t recommend many cost-cutting tips other than doing without extra luxuries.

  2. amy l says:

    easiest answer i can give – adelaide, as well as hobart, is the cheapest city in australia

  3. muhammad says:

    Tough question to answer. Will depend on which university you are heading to.

  4. Tombstone says:

    It would take me all day to answer your question but here is a website that will help you answer your own question

  5. Jas says:

    Check out these websites for prices that may give you an idea:

    Woolworths Grocery Store (Major Store found everywhere) Here you can see the prices for particular groceries:

    Rental properties in Adelaide and SA. Just click the suburb you would like to rent in and you’ll be able to see some rentals/prices:

    As for clothing, if you don’t want brand name clothes you can shop at places like:
    These are department stores that sell inexpensive clothing. There’s catalogues for each store on the websites above.

    If you want to see what some car prices are go to where you can type the state (SA) and your preference for what kind of car you would like. It will come up with the price and an option to buy.

    As for areas, it depends on where the institution is located. If it’s in the Adelaide city, you can choose to live in Elizabeth or Sailsbury. Although, I can’t say they are very nice suburbs, maybe thats why they are cheap?? Or if your down south or going to Flinders Uni , Glenelg can be expensive but maybe go further down south and go to Morphett Vale, Hackham and Christies Beach which is fairly cheap. Although Morphett Vale would probably be the better of the 3.

    Good luck anyhow. Hope this helped you a little!

    Oh and check out this site it gives you more info about moving to Adelaide and what you can expect.