How much money it will cost to have a baby in food and diapers for the fist year ?

Question by Murilo F: How much money it will cost to have a baby in food and diapers for the fist year ?
My wife just got pregnant and we’l like to know how much will cost to have the baby for the first year. She will breastfeed the baby… so the baby formula will not much needed. We don’t have much money, so any cut cost tips will be apreciated.

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Answer by momma2mingbu
Definately breastfeed – it’s free and healthiest for both mom and baby!

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  1. sr78 says:

    $ 30/week

  2. meoorr says:

    Diapers and wipes can be expensive. As you mentioned, breastfeeding will considerably cut corners. When the baby starts solids, for a small fee, you can purchase a Happy Baby food grinder from Whole Foods and grind your own table food to baby mush. That’s one way to cut corners.

    As far as diapers, disposables are really nice and luvs really do fit the bill for less money but a little known fact is that the Toys r Us brand of diapers is even less expensive and just as good as any of the more expensive ones out there.

  3. ♥Pamela♥ says:

    I’m probably going to be shot down in flames for mentioning this, but if money really is that tight, go the job centre or citizens advice bureau to ask what…dare I say it…benefits you are entitled to…don’t hurt me (flinch)
    You can buy cheap brands of nappies, there are often two for the price of one deals one baby wipes, and I think that having a baby need not be expensive if you don’t need it to be that way.
    Buy your nappies from Wilkinsons, use the baby charm brand- they work!
    Feed pureed versions of your food, and that will cut the need to buy baby food.
    Join all the parenting groups that you can, and you will get some good offers and coupons with these.

    Good luck!

  4. Mrs Apple says:

    I just had a baby on October 21, 2006. We thought we should save $ 400 every month for the baby; $ 200 in savings account and $ 200 for baby necessities. However, it doesn’t seem like it’s enough. I bottle feed so it cost more for us. So far, our son has used over 70 diapers for the past week (we didn’t leave the hospital until October 23, so we used the diapers and wipes from the hospital before we left). He has also used over 100 wipes and 1 tube of rash ointment (prevent rash and stuff sticking to his butt). This doesn’t include the detergent we bought for him. Babies use a different laundry detergent because their skin is very sensitive. You can go back to using your own detergent after the baby turns 1 years old. As a conclusion, we’ve spent $ 50 in a week. This $ 50 does not include clothes, bottles or baby formula. We decided to give the best to our baby, so we bought all name brands. The crib cost us over $ 700 (crib, mattress and bed set).

  5. Justme says:

    I would buy Parents Choice baby wipes and baby shampoo at Wal-Mart. If you are at Hannaford then I would buy Hannaford baby wipes and baby shampoo. Bottom line, use generic brands when possible. Unfortunately, I found that the best diapers to use were the most expensive brand. Which are $ 20.00 per package. Your baby will go through about a package per week. This is a large (jumbo size.) When your baby turns four months old you’ll want to start introducing baby food slowly. Once per day. Twice per day by five months and three times per day by six months. So, you’ll need baby cereal, rice to start with. Also, you’ll need baby veggies, fruits and eventually meat. You can make your own baby food if you have a blender. Pre-made baby food adds up fast. Especially once you get to stage 2 or 3. When your baby becomes ready for finger foods, which will not be for a while, Gerber finger foods are a great idea. I would set aside $ 80.00 per week for baby supplies/groceries for one baby as diapers add up fast. I found that Huggies diapers and Parents Choice would leak more easily. But you can try these brands. I would plan on at least $ 100.00 per week for groceries for a family of three.

  6. ♥Jenn♥ says:

    I buy the ‘cheap’ Walmart/Parents CHoice brand daipers($ 12-$ 16) and wipes($ 10 for 400) They are the best IMO.

    You’ll probably go through 4-5bags of daipers and 2boxes of wipes a month. Babies aren’t cheap. Don’t be afraid to try the generic brands as they are often just as good or sometime better than the more expensive name brands and they will save you $ $ . Also to go Huggies/Pampers websites and sign up and they’ll send you some free stuff and coupons

  7. rdnck_grl_ms_007 says:

    It’s great that you want to breastfeed, but I would go ahead and budget for formula because of this: #1-Not all women can breastfeed and #2-From my own experience, some babies are allergic to breastmilk…I had no problems breastfeeding, but it made my daughter deathly ill, giving her severe diarrhea and vomiting. It took almost 3 weeks before the doctor knew what was wrong with her, during which time she was always sick and I was a nervous wreck. It really bothers me when people talk about how great breastfeeding is and don’t understand that sometimes it really is NOT best. I’m pregnant with #2 now and hope I can breastfeed, but I’m still keeping formula options open because of what happened last time.

    To cut costs, you might want to consider signing up for any and all baby websites (Pampers, Huggies, etc.) that offer discounts and coupons. You might also want to check out and see what you can find for the baby that other people are getting rid of. Yard sales are a great place to find baby clothes that are pretty cheap, as well as accepting hand-me-downs from relatives or friends. I personally buy a pack of diapers each time I go to a store like Walmart or the grocery store, so when the baby comes, I won’t have to buy diapers for a while-word of caution-don’t buy too many newborn and size 1; they grow out of those quickly. Baby showers are great, but be sure that if people ask what you need for the baby, you are able to give them specific requests, otherwise you end up with 4 or 5 of the same thing and 0 of something you really need. You also might consider dropping a minimum of $ 10 in a jar each week for baby expenses. This way, you have a “stash” saved up for when you need emergency supplies. Having a baby can be very expensive, but you have plenty of time to save up and prepare, so don’t feel totally overwhelmed…and best of luck!!

  8. sunshineprincess032003 says:

    I think the best diapers to use is Luv’s. You can get them at the Dollar Store for $ 8 for a big pack. Also I agree when you can use generic brands as much as possible. Babies are expensive! With my son we would spend around $ 40 per week. Good Luck!