How much would it cost for a small simple wedding?

Question by Brandy: How much would it cost for a small simple wedding?
I recently got engaged and I was just wondering how much a wedding really costs? I want a simple small wedding so my questions are

How much was your wedding?
How big was it?
Is there any advice you want to give?
Any ways to save money?

Thanks! 🙂

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Answer by Marco
I couple thousand around 4 thousand

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  1. jaka says:

    5000 $

  2. Laiquendi says:

    My wedding was very small and all together, we spent about $ 600.00. The most expensive thing was the cake.

    He wore a nice shirt, slacks and no tie. I wore an evening length dress I just happened to find on clearance for $ 19.00 (Just search shops and keep searching. That’s how I found my dress!)

    All of our decorations were simple and made by my Mom or I. We bought everything we needed at either Hobby Lobby or the dollar store. My bouquet was silk flowers from a hobby shop that a friend put together for me. We got our cake from a local grocery store bakery and it was really good too! Our rings we got from a jeweler on Etsy and we love them.

    So how do you save money? Do exactly what *you* want to do and be a little crafty and creative.

  3. Stephie says:

    Every wedding is different.

    You have to consider what you want at your wedding.

    Catered Food

    All of those things cost money 🙁

    And that is not including:
    Alterations (for wedding dress)

    and the list will go on the more you add like invitations, favors, menu cards, etc.

    All you have to do is decide what you want for your wedding.
    Figure out what you want to do yourself

    And keep your guest list small. The more people you invite, the more every other cost goes up.

    We paid way more than we wanted.
    We are having 100 people

    Venue/Reception: $ 3000
    Catering $ 6000
    Flowers $ 600
    Photography $ 2300
    Wedding Dress $ 800
    Shoes $ 100
    Tux $ 160 (rent)
    Officiant $ 250
    DJ & MC $ 1500
    Cake $ 350

    I don’t suggest you spend this much at all. I think the average wedding is like $ 25,000 to $ 29,000
    I can see why.

    Good luck. I hope you find a ton of ways to save money.

  4. Celine says:

    $ 4000–5000, maybe

  5. Avis B says:

    The average cost of a “traditional” wedding in the US is $ 20,000 – $ 25,000 for one hundred people (the Bride, the Groom, the attendants, the parents, and the wedding guests.) No matter what your wedding budget is, the RECEPTION is always fifty percent (50%) of that budget.

    Here’s two examples of real life “small and simple” weddings . .

    This Bride and Groom could have had any type of wedding they wanted but they decided they wanted something “short and simple.” They rented a gazebo in a community park on a Saturday morning in May. The trees were just coming into bloom so the setting was perfect. The Bride did not wear a gown and the Groom did not wear a suit. There were no attendants, two guests were their official witnesses. Over 150 people were invited to the 1030AM ceremony. When the fifteen minute ceremony was over the Bride and Groom got into their car and drove away (there was no reception). By 8PM that evening the newlyweds were sipping tropical drinks at their honeymoon location. This wedding cost $ 100 (Marriage License and gazebo rental).

    This Bride and Groom purchased a wedding package from a small Victorian bed & breakfast. The wedding ceremony took place at Noon. Twenty-five friends and family members were invited to the outdoor ceremony which was followed by a 1PM brunch at a local restaurant. The wedding package at the bed and breakfast included a honeymoon suite for the newlyweds for one night. This wedding cost less than $ 1000.

    Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / a Wedding ceremony officiant

  6. K says:

    Consider an alternative idea.. Have a destination wedding at the location you want your honeymoon to be. Then have a small party at home (either before or after you go on the trip). Because it’s not a formal reception, you don’t have to spend as much money. Have it outdoors even? It can be more laid back and you don’t have to wear the wedding dress if you don’t want to. I was engaged before and planned the ceremony to be at a Sandals resort in Jamaica. I believe the cost was aroud $ 3,000. That included the ceremony, and everything needed for a small wedding (small cake, a couple plates of food, the space, bouquet, etc). My parents and his parents were going to fly out too (their cost was about $ 1,500 for flight and everything for two people). So for $ 3K we got an 8 day Honeymoon AND ceremony with parents.

    Also.. think about how you feel in 5+ years about spending $ 20,000 on ONE DAY! You could buy a car with that money, or a down payment on a house 😉
    Good Luck!

  7. Slightly Ravenous says:

    Mine was around $ 8,500.
    We had about 75 guests.
    We had it at a hotel and served a catered bbq buffet.
    We did a lot ourselves and saved a lot of money by doing that. Ordered the flowers and arranged them myself. Made the invitations, favors, etc. Borrowed things I could and found deals wherever I could as well.

  8. Stacy says:

    You can do a nice wedding on a small budget easily. My fiance and I have managed to keep our budget at around $ 3000 for 90-110 people. We have also done a lot of work and research finding inexpensive venues and vendors.
    First thing you should do it set your budget. Figure out a number that won’t hurt you, make you miss paying any bills, and don’t go into debt for your wedding. Once the budget is set, you can start finding your venues. We are using the lawn of a local church for our ceremony. It’s a beautiful lawn, right on the water, and they’re letting us use it for free, and loaning us their chairs to use. Check out local parks, halls, and kinda everything else in your area to try and get the best deal.
    There are a million ways to save money while planning a wedding. DIY stuff is the best way. For decor, you can go thrift shopping and find some great things for centerpieces, etc. If you want flowers, do some research and find out what will be in season on your wedding day. Have cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. We are doing this, and have kept our cake budget to around $ 150.00! If we got an actual wedding cake, we would be spending upwards of $ 300.00+.
    You can do an afternoon cake and punch reception to keep costs really down, or a wedding brunch or breakfast. Check out for a used designer gown.
    I’ve been using to track our spending. They have a budgeter on there that breaks down everything for you. Not only that, but you can set up a free wedding website through them.
    A couple good resources for planning :,
    Congratulations to you by the way!

  9. .. says:

    My very simple wedding cost $ 1,000. There we’re 25 guests. My advice is to get your guest list together, and your budget before you start planning. I saved money by shopping around.