How to have a large family?

Question by KrisTINA S: How to have a large family?
I don’t know if 3 kids is considered a large family but I would love to have 3 kids someday. Right now I have 1 child. My question is for those with a large family…what are the secrets to having a large family. How do you have a large family? meaning ways to save money, tips on organization, sleeping arrangement, affording things, etc.
lifestyle changes and how do you make a large family work well without a lot of chaos.

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Answer by xbloody.mary
Have you ever watched the Duggars (17 kids and counting) or John&Kate plus 8 on TLC?
They usually offer alot of advice on ways that they save money buying for such large families

I would love to have 3 or 4 myself, but hubby doesnt even want 1..]=

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  1. Darcy says:

    Ah well, one thing I can tell you for sure…a large family=chaos. I have 4 boys and am expecting my 5th and things can be pretty hectic sometimes (ok, most of the time) but it’s fine because we’re used to it. We aren’t rich by any means, but we manage. It’s all a matter of priorities. I stay home with my kids. We save most toys and things like that for Christmas and birthdays. I keep all of the boys’ clothes that are in good shape so the next one can use them. I shop clearance racks for new clothes. I don’t have any tips on organization because I am notoriously unorganized, but we still manage. Sleeping arrangements…I have 2 boys in each bedroom and the new baby will sleep in our room for the time being. Thankfully there is room for the crib. We may convert the kids’ toyroom to a bedroom down the road. If it’s something that you really want, it’s doable, you just have to watch your spending. I refuse to give my kids every single thing they want, and honestly, that would hold true if I only had one or if I had 15. They need to learn fiscal responsibility now so they will be better prepared as adults.

  2. mega-mom says:

    i have 4 kids. we stick to routines. that makes things easier for me & my husband. as for sleeping arrangements- bunk beds! you just start stackin’em up!
    i’ve always been naturally “cheap”, so im pretty good (i think) at stretching our money. shopping at the thrift store, buying supermarket mark down items, then freezing them. also buying things in bulk, like spices, oats-stuff i use a lot of.
    filling my family up on veggies, and grains, with only a little meat.
    i make a giant pizza (dough via bread machine) every weekend- so its fun for us, and saves us like $ 20 because i made it myself- also more healthy, and more tasty
    basically, do the best with your husbands income, be content, honer the Lord with how you spend what He has blessed you with, and you can do it.

  3. KG = Lucky Duck! says:

    I have 4 kids and just found out #5 will be here in August. I won’t lie, it isn’t easy. I have 4 different personalities to deal with. I have 2 of each. The oldest has her own room and my 2 boys share, then the baby has her own room. When this one is born, the girIs will probably share. I am glad I have a large family. I can’t imagine life without any of the kids. One downside, we can’t always afford to let the kids do all the things they want to. I am a pretty organized person, which helps. If I wasn’t I am sure things would be much more chaotic around here.

  4. Proud Mommy! says:

    It is hard, but a lot of fun! We have 3 kids. One is 9 years old (my husbands from a previous relationship, but I don’t like to call him a “step son”) and then we have two together, a 2.5 year old and a 1.5 year old. We are buying a 4 bedroom house this spring, as we don’t want anyone to have to share bedrooms. The boys (aged 9 and 2.5) are too far apart in age to share a room, and the two close in age are one boy and one girl, so we don’t want to do that either. Currently though, the baby is still sleeping in our room until we can afford the 4 bedroom. We watch the sales flyers for grocery stores, and when something that won’t go bad is on sale, we stock up so that we have it and don’t have to buy it at full price later. We potty trained early to save on diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and the extra garbage! Having the last two so close together (1 year and 4 days apart) has helped a lot too, as far as the baby wanting to get out of diapers,etc. Just make sure they are far enough apart so you never need 2 cribs, or 2 infant carriers or 2 high chairs, etc. But have them close enough together so that those items are still new enough and up to date that you don’t have to replace them. Everyone has their own colored toy boxes and bins that all match so they know who’s is whose. Good luck, it is a lot of fun to have lots of kids! We want more if only we could afford that someday!