How to save money but still live comfortably;?

Tips Saving Money
by oxmour

Question by Summer: How to save money but still live comfortably;?
So, me and my mum have moved into a unit and we don’t have all that much money, the rent is high for the type we are in but thats nothing we can change. My question is; what are some tips for saving money when we are buying our groceries. I have come up with the idea that going to the green grocer, the butcher,the bakery and then the supermarket if needed is going to save more money than going into one supermarket and buying it all, is this true? Also any other money saving ideas would be so much appreciated, thank you,

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Answer by Kyle B
Buy generic foods, try to buy what’s on sale, or what you have coupons for. Eat pasta. Don’t eat expensive meat. Try to buy in bulk, but don’t buy too many perishables and waste them. Don’t eat out.

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  1. wolsy says:

    Normally I find the prices in the supermarkets are far cheper than those in local smaller shops, mainly because they are buying in bulk. Also make a list of all the things that you buy on a regular basis that keeps the place ticking over and try where possible to buy in bulk or buy more when you see things on special offer. I have a whole cupboard at home taken up with things on special buy 2 get 1 free or similar offers of things I know that I need and use but at that point can get cheaper.

    Perhaps get a loyalty card (if they have them where you are) for various supermarkets to accumulate points or get money off vouchers for the future.

    A lot of people will do half of their shop in one place andhalf in a nother place.. I don’t always believe that this is realistic, you may save youself a few dollars here and there, but the cost of gas, the time it takes etc is normally more of a bigger loss.

  2. jess s says:

    Grocery store flyers will save you. Also remember that prices are generally lower(at least in il) towards the end of the month especially on basics like milk, eggs and meat. Spend a couple of months watching the ads and you will notice the sales patterns. Keep white rice on hand, it’s cheap for a bag and takes on the flavors you cook with, I like to add it to meat when making tacos. Cook foods you can freeze later. 1lb of hamburger a bottle of V8, 3 cans of beans, and seasoning makes chili that lasts for a couple weeks. Peel and dice about 8 decent sized potatoes($ 5 for a 10lb bag sometimes) and boil, then add a few cubes of block cheese, some milk, and a vegggie like celery or carrots, you have yummy potato soup that can be frozen and heated later. Feel free to email me for more recipes.

    Oh don’t forget to save coupons!