How to save money on groceries?

Question by Shell c: How to save money on groceries?
I’m a mother to 4 and I’m looking on ways to save money on groceries. My husband has a good career but let’s face it groceries are becoming more expensive. I buy groceries weekly and usually buy generic brands. Sometimes I spend $ 200 a week and I feel like I walked out of the store with nothing! I was wondering what your strategies were? Are there any good coupon sites?

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Answer by Splash Frog ♥’s Olga
I use

But as you know, ink is also very expensive.. Just print them on draft mode and the store will still accept them as long as the bar code is readable..

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  1. Sh says:

    Coupons ~
    My mom uses Southern Savers
    and I think… ?

    I hope I helped.

  2. M says:

    Review all the local store ads for buys. These come in the mail each week. Yay USPS. Also see if your store offers coupon rewards that you add directly to your store card from their online site.