How to save money on Orlando Vacation?

Question by extramural: How to save money on Orlando Vacation?
I am planning to go on vaction to Orlando and Miami.. Please suggest some resort names which are good and not expensive. Also tips on how to save money on attraction tickets?

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Answer by spark
We have a Walt Disney memorabilia and collectibles website and on that site we maintain a LINKS page. On that page we have a section of links to sites that offer insider info to staying in the Walt Disney World area. Hope you find it helpful.

There are also a TON of books on saving money when staying at the WDW resort area that cover more than just the Disney themepark.

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  1. touristips2000 says:

    If you can handle a timeshare presentation that can last a couple of hours check out
    It can be high pressure but you only have to do it once.

    Coupons will save you a lot of money as well.

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  2. Helen says:

    First things first, DON’T DO TIME SHARE! They tell you to go to a 90 minute meeting and rate some hotels but you end up being there for 4 hours stright and having people trying to convince you to buy some condo that you might only go once a year….


    Anyways, the best way to save money is not to Stay at a Disney Resort! They are tooo over prices but sometimes they do have specials so give them a call first and find out whats they’re prices. BUT DON’T BOOK! Shop around other hotels near Disney. And Don’t get a hotel on 192HWY. They are all terrible! Trust me! But there are some good hotels by DownTown Disney… So call them and find out the prices.

    Flying???!!! Don’t rent a car at the airport they are doubleing the price and most people don’t know it. Call a car rental place off site from the airport and ask them if they have A FREE SHUTTEL FROM THE AIRPORT TO THEIR LOCATION AND BACK TO THE AIRPORT!

    Also, Don’t buy anything from the disney parks! They are over priced! You can go to some outlets On international drive which is 10 mins away from the disney parks and they are half off!

    Wow! I wrote a lot!

    OH! And take snacks to the park! XD