I’m american, but why do people waste their time with weak american beer with no good beer flavor?

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Question by Jared B: I’m american, but why do people waste their time with weak american beer with no good beer flavor?
I like american beer but it just isn’t enough for me.

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Answer by cheryl a
im american and im not wasting my time, i drink canadian beer

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9 Responses to “I’m american, but why do people waste their time with weak american beer with no good beer flavor?”

  1. Drago_65 says:

    Samuel Adams is weak?

  2. angie p says:

    Try San Miguel Beer. For me, it’s the world’s best. In our country, it only costs USD 0.40 a bottle!

  3. EtOHRx says:

    We must take all things in context.
    I answered another question similar to yours yesterday and it went like this. {with a few additions}

    A few examples of good American beers: Budweiser, Busch, Coors, Anchor Brewing’s Steam, Anchor Porter; Anchor Wheat, Sierra Nevada Brewing’s Pale Ale; Porter; Wheat, Boston Brewing Co’s Samuel Adams; Wheat; Triple Bock. There are many more selections of good American beers as well.

    1. It is a matter of taste.

    We all have different tastes in both food and beverage. I like most any beer although I prefer Belgian Trappist beers the most. Should I laugh and scoff at those that make or drink Sam Adams or Budweiser (I drink those also) becuase it does not have the fuller pungent flavors of my beer of choice? I also like Continental Pilsener but there is always some level of flavor loss with importation. There exists more choices and tastes with the beers brewed by “craft” brewers these days. Ask yourself if you like liver. Many people love it where many others think it disgusting. It is a matter of taste.

    2. Speaking from a professional perspective Anheuser Busch has some of the highest quality of beers in the USA/World. Is it marketing, perhaps? But if someone was selling dead skunk juice and had funny and entertaining commercials during your favorite show, would you buy the skunk juice? It is highly likey that you would not. So it must be more. Perhaps the laws of supply and demand. People demand something (light flavored beers) and an interprising individual makes it. Anheuser Bush uses the freshest ingriedents in the industry. They important the highly desired and prized noble hop variety Hallertau from Germany. When they say they know of no other beer that cost as much to produce, it is fact. Compare the choices of beers, including light beers, to the variety of soda (lime in soda!?), caffeine in water. People want it and someone is drinking them or they would not last long.

    The sulfer that people smell and perhaps taste in Miller beers is dimethyl sulfide (DMS) it is a vegatable-corn-like aeromatic compound that is derived from the corn grits that Miller uses in its beer. The very reason Anheuser Busch and Coors uses rice. Rice has a much cleaner flavor profile.

    Again a matter of taste.

    3. The national brewing companies enjoy so much success for many reasons. Some of these reasons include history, quality, mass appeal, marketing…

    Light Beers:
    As for a light beer being made for people that do not like the taste of beer I say, no. Actually there is some truth to that but it is over-simplified to say that. Also consider a reduction in calories and originally a slight reduction in alcohol. It does have the “taste of beer” to those trained in the sensory analysis of beer. But it is true that the lighter subtle flavor profile appeals to many (many) beer drinkers.

    Bottom line to me is, enjoy all beers for what they are a wonderfully refreshing malt beverage. Tastes will vary-don’t sweat it.


    PITBOSS: While you say not to blanket craft brewers(as included in American beers), I say do not balnket the large brewers. It tells me by your statment that you know little about beer. Anheuser-Busch uses the freshest ingerdients in the industry. They import hallertau hops from Germany. They have teams of professionsl brewmasters that rival any in the world.

    Marketing? I they marketed skunk piss would you by it? Being the leadiing Brewer in the U.S. is due to more of a quality product than marketing.

  4. Lindsay P says:

    I totally agree with that statement! I lived in Europe for 6 years and got a good taste of German, Dutch, Irish, and a bunch more. They are SOOO good. American beer tastes like crap…or sometimes nothing. I really dont know why people drink it other than the fact that its cheap and maybe that is all they can afford!

  5. Barney R says:

    When I was in Japan I drank some great beers.
    It is hard to come back to beer with no taste.
    Sapporo and Heiniken, are good.

  6. pitboss says:

    You can’t blanket American beer. The craft brewing industry in this country is second to none and there are hundreds of great ones AND they get to you fresh without the heat and light damage of most imports. Ever try a Heiny in Europe? Notice the lack of skunk smell?
    The big three domestics are nothing but adjuncts and a trace of cheap hops. Its all marketing. You cannot compare them to what’s being brewed by people, many trained in Belgium and Germany, that are brewing great beer right in your back yard.
    Avery, Stone, Dogfish Head and Rogue all come to mind as serious beers you should be able to find. You can’t honestly tell me that they are not prodigious, complex and serious beers American or not. Some of these have specific gravity, ibus and abvs that are off the charts. Check it out.

  7. Anastasia H says:

    The same reason Americans eat flavorless, processed foods drowned in salt, eat too sugary chocolate that tastes old and rough to the tongue, and drink wine that tastes like vinegar.

    Oh, and should I even broach the subject of our entertainment choices? Yeah, it’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

    I’m picturing a big, fat guy in a “God Bless the USA” T-shirt eating mac and cheese straight from a pot while watching “Age of Love.” Agghhh…Pass the Boone’s Farm Tickle Pink.

    All that said, I agree with Pitboss above, especially regarding Rogue. Good stuff.

  8. Jeffery The Great says:

    People drink some of the WEAK American beers because they’re cheap. Plain and simple. I don’t think like all these other people that you were saying ALL American beer is crappy. But there are a lot of nasty beers in the U.S.

  9. RobinGD says:

    I don’t, I drink good bourbon/whiskey from either Canada (Crown Royal) or Kentucky (Knob Creek).