Lexmark Genesis S815 All in One Printer with Flash Scan Technology Reviews

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  1. David Parenteau "Geek" says:
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    Scan technology that was $30,000 a decade ago. Great for scanning, not for printing, August 21, 2011
    David Parenteau “Geek” (Westminster, CO United States) –

    This review is from: Lexmark Genesis S815 All in One Printer with Flash Scan Technology (Office Product)

    UPDATED October 8th 2011 – Rating dropped by one star and pending potential further reduction. Summary: Works great. If it works. Initial unit began to fail. Warranty replacement was DOA. See the end of the review for more information.

    UPDATED February 25th, 2012 – See Mid-Term Update at the bottom.

    Exceptional scanning; Sub-par printing.

    The praise (good stuff)…
    – Narrower than average operational footprint
    – Exceptionally fast scan speeds
    – Excellent scan color reproduction
    – Absolutely no chromatic aberration on scans – This is huge
    – Wired USB and/or Ethernet/Wireless B/G/N (2.4GHz)
    – True square-pixel PPI scanning

    The raze (not-so-good stuff)…
    – Loud printing
    – Paper tray access is limited
    – Single paper tray without manual bypass feed

    The haze (things to keep in mind and clarify)…
    – Near-vertical scanning surface may require some adjustments on the user’s part
    – Setup only needs to be done once, but can be painfully awkward
    – The touch-screen controls are fun and exciting, but some functions have limited usability
    – Dramatic price fluctuations
    – Maximum of 300 DPI scanning
    – No scanner auto-feed

    We were on a mission to replace an old scanner that was no longer talking to the computer. Now, -technically- by the definition of “scanner”, this is not one. There is no “scan” occurring, as this system uses a Page at Once (PAO) acquisition. For scan technology, it really just cannot get any better than this.

    For a bit of history, I have worked with some old PAO systems back when. In the mid 90’s, it was a massive (size of a large SUV) greyscale $700,000 beast, but it could scan three pages per second (when it didn’t jam). Around 2001, I worked with a gel-filtered $31,000 full color system that autofed and scanned about 10 PPM at 300 DPI and was about the size of a large floor-standing copy machine. Then of course there are fully-optical greyscale PAO scan systems that have been used in exceptionally expensive high speed copiers for some time as well. Needless to say, this one for under $500 caught my attention.


    Setup was unfortunately slightly more painful than it should be. The dead-tree version was pictorial “Step 1: Take it out of the box. Step 2: DO NOT PLUG IT IN. Step 3: Run our program.” Right. Onto the program then…

    Everybody knows that on a good day, one should read ALL of the instructions first to have a good overview, then follow the instructions in order thereafter. This is not an option given in this. The installation went to a setup assistance wizard that walks the user through one page at a time, one tiny button press at a time, but skimps on exceptionally important details. A full page of directions to tell you to press “OK” after selecting the language, but “remove all packaging material” being the only item on that page. Tape, protective plastic, and various other protective items to keep the printer safe in transit… 30 minutes hunting for it all and a number of steps later we found even more.

    The program is also not able to handle cases where the printer is on a different WiFi network segment than the computer, for example if the computer is on a 5GHz N network and the printer is on the 2.4 on the same router. It really wants to try WiFi Protected Setup in that case, but it fails miserably because the radio frequency is wrong. Turns out this mandates a forced termination of the setup program on the computer and manual configuration of the printer. The touch-screen is very nice to use, except when typing on it. People who are used to responsive resources like cell phones will have to slow down for this.

    The touch screen itself is actually a nice feature though. Light-up touch buttons are hidden in the darkness below the screen, only lighting up buttons that apply when they do apply. This is a nice way to prevent the accidental pressing of buttons that do absolutely nothing in a given context, but can also create a touch of frustration if the button you feel you need is not present at thee time. The touch screen can have effectively applets added to the printer, but most of these are less than useful for what the average person does. Sure you -can- print photos directly off an SD card and touch them up on the screen, or print from iOS devices, but the actual functionality of these features are limited. Mobile printing does not cover Android, but some research shows this to bee a limitation in the android OS itself.

    There will be minimal printing data in this review, so I’ll address that here.

    There are four printers in this room and the printer on the Lexmark is about the same quality and speed. The things to…

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  2. Telstar says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Mixed bag–Misadvertised for Mobile Printing, March 18, 2011

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Lexmark Genesis S815 All in One Printer with Flash Scan Technology (Office Product)

    Update September 2011:

    After replacing the print head and ink (see Auguest below)Magenta failed to print after 39 pages. Cleaning seems to fix it, at the expense of a good 10% of the ink of ALL cartridges per cleaning. Untenable.

    Update August 2011:

    The printing just failed (streaks with the XL carts 2/3 full). They sent me a new print head and cartridges.

    Streaks continued until I replaced BOTH the carts and the print head. All after 220 pages printed.

    I conclude that the cartridges themselves can become clogged and fail.

    The cleaning cycle drinks 10% of the ink.

    This is the WORST experience I have ever had with a printer.


    There is a lot to like here:


    Setup is super easy for all the things this can do.
    Nice applets
    Fast for an ink jet
    Easy paper handling
    Wireless is stable…easy to setup. USB and Wireless can be both operable.
    Good Color
    Camera scanning is great. Fast, good quality despite the 300 dpi resolution. Most things look better than my canon scanner. Automatically orients scans…good for book scanning (you hang the book over the top and let it dangle…I do a lot of this and it works great).
    The color touch screen is a joy to use and very responsive.


    There is no way to stop the printer from waking from sleep when the phone rings. This is a ludicrous oversight. Every single time the phone rings the printer does its start up routine. Setting ANSWER in the FAX settings to OFF does nothing. Another user noticed this as well, and the most recent update does not change this. You must power down the printer completely to stop this. Printer initialization from power off takes several minutes.

    This is not apple AirPlay compatible. There is a crude iOS app for printing photos and web pages…but web pages are accessed via the app by typing in the exact web address then printing. It is not a browser…nor will this print emails, other browser pages etc. Do not even think that the iOS capability is anything useful…it is not, and should not be considered a selling point. The Apple ads about printing *documents* on this printer are simply false. There is a hacker-type workaround for installing an Airplay driver on your PC (google it) but your desktop computer must be on for a mobile device to print. You cannot print from an iPad directly to the printer except with the crude Lexmark app (you can print normally from a laptop directly to the printer via wifi with the desktop off).

    HD color images print very well..as well as any color photo printer i have had…but it drinks color ink … ca. 10% per *full* color photo page with the included carts. Black is more miserly.

    Overall, pricey. If you do not need the camera scan feature, and its terrific touch screen and app interface, it is overpriced.


    The price dropped $50 two days after I bought this machine and wrote this review.


    Now I see it for about $120-150 less than I paid for it just weeks ago.

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