Q&A: Can I ever get home insurance again if a previous one has been cancelled?

Question by : Can I ever get home insurance again if a previous one has been cancelled?
About 1 yr ago I cancelled my DD for my home insurance to cut costs. My bank then said as I never told them directly they have refused my insurance policy and that I would find it difficult to get another policy. I am now looking to start another home insurance policy but they all ask the question if I have been refused before? What does this mean? As it is obviously important to have it as you never know what will happen.

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Answer by kimiko
Shouldn’t be a problem; if your claims history is clean and credit decent, you should be able to find a company that will start a policy for you. You haven’t really been refused, you were cancelled for non-payment.

Don’t know what the deal is with your bank, you’d think they’d be happy to add an insurer and happier still to escrow the payment. Check out this site, if you want to find the cheapest home insurance just in one minute,


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  1. grandpa says:

    I’m sorry what is DD?

    What I know is if you have a mortgage with a bank you must keep fire insurance on the property. If you had disability and life insurance and you canceled that to save money you have put yourself in a bad situation. The bank doesn’t care if you get sick or die, they will get the house if you default and not have to pay your dependents a dime back from all those monthly payments you’ve made. They are not under any obligation to help you renew or purchase new insurance. You should be able to purchase again privately, but you may pay much more for it now on your own instead of through the bank originally. The cancellation was on your part not the bank.

    However you can not cancel a fire type policy because that protects the bank’s interest.