Q&A: How about a Yahoo Answers for all R&D entities in the country?

Question by Recovering Statist: How about a Yahoo Answers for all R&D entities in the country?
Wouldn’t it be great for scientists and engineers to collectively support each other on solving technical problems through a question and answers point based University/Corporate network? Or does something like this already exist?

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Answer by Frank N
It does, in the form of peer-reviewed scientific journals, engineering trade journals, etc. But they add the value of evaluating ideas to see if they are correct or even worth publishing. YA lets anyone post any garbage. Wikipedia would be a much better example as a mechanism for collaborative knowledge.

The biggest hindrance to widespread deployment of collaborative technologies is management of intellectual property rights. A person or company which invests heavily to develop and idea or product needs a way to be paid for their work.

By removing the publication and distribution costs for intellectual property, the Internet has made a major change in the information world. As a result, journalism is in danger of disappearing. It’s much harder for a serious journalist to earn a living by his work.

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