Q&A: How much would i typically pay for a basic motel room?

Question by Roy: How much would i typically pay for a basic motel room?
My friend and I wish to take a trip which will land us multiple motels, and believe me, we are aiming for the cheapest we can possibly get. In other words, we likely will be found at motel 6 and other low cost economy hotels along the way.. HOWEVER… we have a slight dilemma.

To my knowledge, a place such as Motel 6 will charge you a little more if you get a room with two beds as opposed to just the one bed. So my question is.. will we expect to pay more for even the lowest of the low hotel room if it has two beds? Our other plan was to get the the cheapest available room with one bed, and have one of us sleep on the floor… however i really don’t think it’s worth the cost cutting measure.

Lastly, what can we expect from Motel 6 and other extreme budget motels?

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Answer by Hugo90
Nearly all rooms with one bed, it is a queen. You can both sleep in it. Are you afraid of each other? I’ve stayed in many motels alone and the rooms had two beds. The cheapest motels can get pretty sleazy. Most motels I don’t want to walk barefoot on those floors, not sleep on them.

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