Q&A: How to save money secretly for an engagement ring?

Question by jtzm09: How to save money secretly for an engagement ring?
Me and my girlfriend have been living together for almost a year, and are approaching our 2 year anniversary! We are great for each other and she has been my best friend! Now here’s my problem! We merged out bank accounts together just because its easier to pay the bills that way. With that said, she has access to the bank statements just like I do. Well, I plan on proposing to her sometime in the near future, but I can’t discreetly save money for an engagement ring because she’ll notice that there’s extra money missing where it shouldn’t be. Now here’s my question to you all: How can I save money without her knowing? I don’t want to tell her that it’s an emergency fund, because if something does happen we’ll have to spend it. Any suggestions, please??

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Answer by Rowan
don’t have a joint account with anyone. especially someone that isn’t your wife yet. you live together there isn’t any secrets so just tell her and let her pick out the ring herself.

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  1. firefly_fliesby says:

    Are you putting money into a 401k or other retirement plan on your own? If so, you could just say you’re upping your savings in that.

  2. elbee says:

    tell her ur investing in an IRA?
    tell her someone needed to borrow some money and will pay you back with interest?
    Pawn something close to engagement date and buy it back once you propose and she will know why you need the money. haha
    Borrow from your parents or someone and pay it back once you propose.
    Pretend you have a toothache and end up needing some fillings and that will be at least $ 600. Unless she sticks her head in your mouth she wont know.
    Tell her you took some out of your paycheck to buy christmas presents for your family.

    I agree with above. I have been married for 22 years and I still have my own checking account. I like it that way.

  3. M_N says:

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