Saving drinking water from going dry

Turn Off your Workplace Computer
Cost Saving Ideas
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A. Encouragement to people to turn off their laptops resulting in electricity costs saved.
B. Alignment with environmentally green goals and values.
C. Zero cost, Zero effort required.
D. Technology exist.
E. Reduced stress from searching through the shortcut icons on the desktop to load up 3 to 5 programs.
F. Savings of 5 seconds of productivity per user per day (Waiting for computer to bootup and autoload programs could be used to read case files or do non computer work)

If the suggestion contains info on what you already know; may I ask why does every single computer user in the company not have the solution implemented on their computer? Have you considered sharing what you know to others? Its not kay poh, it’s a form of initiative to care.

Saving drinking water from going dry
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