What are 3 basic ways to save money?

Ways Save Money
by Lummmy

Question by 🙂: What are 3 basic ways to save money?
I want (and need) to form a presentation regarding around something that interests us and relates to our major.

I’ve decided to present a speech on how to save money since it hasn’t yet been taken.

Can anyone think of 3 BASIC ways to save money?

I need these basic ways to be financially related. That means something like “start making your own lunch” won’t really cut it. But instead something like “consider investing in a 401K” or “avoid credit card draft fees” would definitely be more appropriate.

Can you think of 3 basic ways (that are financially related) to save money.

Thank you in advanced!

Best answer:

Answer by Bob Bobbington
open an offshore bank account in lichtenstein to avoid paying taxes.
threaten your bank teller with a weapon until they give you some money.
make your own lunch as well as the lunch of others. sell the lunch for a profit and invest the profits in your offshore trading account.

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One Response to “What are 3 basic ways to save money?”

  1. nathish says:

    Start by saving a fixed sum daily or weekly. Like for example $ 1 a day or $ 10 a week.