What are different Jobs in civil engineering?

Question by : What are different Jobs in civil engineering?
I want to know about consultants and designers of civil engineering.I need to know about salary, years of college, difficulty of subject required, and tasks of consultants and designers. THANKS

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Answer by redbeardthegiant
Go to a job website, like dice.com, and see what they have posted for civil engineers

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  1. TANHA says:

    Hi, civil engineering like other filed engineering have many sight to work .the first work to fresh engineer to be in work shop to know the metrial . and saw how test that.secand learn how to use that crrectly.important must to connet to other peaple and expriense from them.in disgan can use better and econommic metrial.in workshop many civil working like metror,testingmatrial,concrete testing, control project ,and measurmant .in college every student need 140-150 unit to pass, soilmechincal ,static ,stringht matrial, watersevege, steel ,concrete dasgian , structrue , untill 5 years you must ecsept every salary after that when you can be good manger can tell how much you want