What are good jobs for introverted people without College degrees?

Question by Michael S: What are good jobs for introverted people without College degrees?
My ideal job would have me research and analyze data in order to come up with strategies on how to solve complex problems. Would require me to find ways of cutting costs. Would assist and encourage me to learn the 13 languages I am trying to learn in my spare time. I would be working around Computers or chemicals more then people.
I am trying to study farsi, Arabic, Turkish, urdu, Hindi, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Tagalog, Italian, French, and spanish.
I am greatly interested in Nuclear technology and was considering the Navy for that.

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Answer by Joss
Something like computer programming? That’s very hard to learn on your own, but if you have the aptitude for it then it’s possible. One of my former professors has a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering. He taught programming at my university. He said he learned how to program on his own without any formal study. I tell ya, that’s Awesome!

What are the 13 languages you’re trying to learn? Are they programming languages, foreign languages, or something else?

EDITED: Well it’s cool that you’re trying to learn all these foreign languages. I’m thinking military, and becoming one of their language specialists (assuming you have the aptitude for it). If you go that route then your college will be paid for and you’ll have skills that can be transferred to other jobs. I thought about it (military) when I graduated high school, but I could never lose the extra weight, lol. You’ll open more doors for yourself if you can learn a sought-after language, but you also have to go to college, and the military will pay for it if money is an issue. – also assuming you meet the age requirement.

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  1. Canadian Bacon says:

    Unfortunately, the career goals you’re describing all require at least Bachelors education, and they are quite varied. It sounds to me like you’re at a crossroads between an Engineering field (solving complex problems efficiently/cost-effectively) and a Social Science to appeal to your data collection and analysis (Sociology + Masters degree, for example, or a Statistics degree, Demography, Marketing…)

    The closest you’ll get to these things without a degree is data entry, I’m afraid.