What can I do to cut household costs?

Question by chutch1974: What can I do to cut household costs?
My husband and I are working towards eliminating some of our household costs. We already avoid debt, save money, and try to live within our means. We both work and make a fairly good income, but we never seem to get ahead. Please give me some pointers on what else we can do to pay off our debt and have more money in the bank.

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Answer by Greg S
Buy store brand or generic whenever you can handle it.
Try and make any driving you do all in one trip rather than
many small trips. Check out your needs for cable and internet, maybe you can reduce the service. Turn off the lights and any electronics when you aren’t using them. Do everything yourself as far as home repairs go. Work a little overtime and/or get a part time holiday job to get a jump on your debt. Make a budget include all income and all bills make a list of total debts (that you can pay off, not utilities)
list them from the smallest amount to largest pay the minimum towards all except the smallest amount and put any extra money you have towards that. Once that is paid off apply all that money towards the next item on your list. And keep doing that.

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  1. Hedi says:

    Try eliminating un-needed bills. Case in point, my fiance and I both have cell phones, so we turned off the house phone. Everyone always was calling our cells, so we got rid of the house phone bill. Down grade your cable service or get rid of it. Burn candles whenever possible, it provides heat and light, so that should lower the gas and electric bill. Not to mention, candle light is “mood” lighting. You may find that your love life will get hotter. Hope this helps, all the best to you.

  2. tammykhooper says:

    Without knowing how you currently spend your money that is very hard to say.

    In general the following practices are usually good ones to follow.

    Plan big expenditures so that you can save the money in advance rather than put the item on credit when the purchase is required.

    Before buying ask yourself is this a need or a want?

    Pack your lunch don’t eat out.

    Get rid of cable and make due with regular tv and reading or playing games.

    Get a cheap dial up internet provider rather than paying for cable or satilite. [sorry for the misspelling]

    Buy food stuffs in bulk.

    Plant a victory garden (food and herb garden)

    Plant a few fruit trees of your favorite fruit.

    Eat Vegetarian a day a week.

    Eat more pork and chicken rather than beef.

    Don’t buy frozen dinners, make larger helping of your meals and then freeze the leftovers in one serving sizes.

    Make a big pot of stew or soup and freeze the leftovers rather than buying canned soups or stews.

    Make Chilli with beans only.

    Drive carefully and quite smoking, if you do, to decrease the amount you are spending on auto and life insurance premiums.

    Using a seperate check make an extra principal payment on home or car loans in an amount equal to 10% of your normal payment. Especially if the loan is new. This can decrease the amount of time you spend paying off a loan.

    When you purchase a car try to get a hybrid.

    Make sure you take all the tax credits to which you are entitled.