What is a reasonable budget for a wedding?

Question by arwen18: What is a reasonable budget for a wedding?
I want it to be formal. Any ideas on cost cutting options, and possibly things I can do myself?

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Answer by Woods
Depends on your income. Beautiful wedding can be done for less than $ 10,000 by resourceful people. Others think they need $ 100,000 to pull of their wedding. Stick to your budget, the amount you can reasonably afford, and you won’t go wrong. Remember that you are trying to “compete” with other brides, but create your own special day in your own way.

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3 Responses to “What is a reasonable budget for a wedding?”

  1. Messykatt says:

    Nobody can possibly give you a number for this, because the details that we’d need to know are missing. Do you have an estimated guest list size? Are you aiming for an evening event with dinner and dancing? What do you mean by “formal”?

    There’s a ton of cost cutting ideas out there, like DIY invites and centerpieces, but the biggest contributor to overall cost of event is the size of the guest list. If you’re thinking you have $ 5,000 total wedding budget and you want 150 guests, you won’t be having dinner and dancing unless you cut that list in half, and then you still need to be very budget conscious.

  2. Tim says:

    If you want a formal wedding, it is going to be very expensive not only for you, but all the guests.

    A formal wedding means that everyone will be in tuxedos and evening gowns which are very expensive.

    It also means a plated sit down dinner which will probably cost you between $ 50 and $ 100 per guest.

    If you want to save money, I suggest no having a formal wedding.