What is the faster way for saving money?

Question by George: What is the faster way for saving money?
Can you save more money spending cash on everything you need, then using your debit card for specific things, or using a debit card on everything you need, then spending money for specific things? For example, if I went to the grocery store every week, would I save more money using a debit card or cash for EVERYTHING I NEED? Then, I could use either the debit card or cash on specific things that I might want. Thanks!

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Rob a bank

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  1. musicimprovedme says:

    It depends on your personality and also the benefits tied to that particular card. Credit and debit cards often offer cash back on certain purchases, so that would give you a small discount, often on things like gas, groceries, or anything from a certain store. You also can sometimes make a small donation to a charity without spending any extra money simply by using your card. That might mean something to you. There are also some banks that feature a rounded-up savings system, where every purchase you make, they round up and deposit the change into a savings account. That makes the math easier on your account, and makes saving effortless. Any of these can help you manage your money better and help you save using cards.

    On the other hand, lots of people find cash a much more concrete system. If you only go to the store with a ten dollar bill in your pocket and no other way to pay, you will not be able to spend more than ten dollars. If you go with a card of any sort, it is not only possible but quite likely that you will buy more than you anticipated.

    As usual, no matter how you pay, compare your prices, shop sales, shop with a list. Don’t shop when you are feeling emotional, bored, or hungry.