When will the nations CEO’s start spreading the wealth?

Question by I’m just sayin’: When will the nations CEO’s start spreading the wealth?
Republicans say they HATE the concept of spreading the wealth. But what they mean is that they want to spread the wealth their way: by giving CEO’s a tax cut. So how are those Republican wealth spreaders doing?

– Did a CEO spread some of his wealth back to you lately?
– Did a CEO create a job for you recently?
– Are there CEO’s out there spreading something other than bonuses and layoff notices?

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Answer by an0ther republican moron
never, this is why the policies of us republicans have ruined our economy

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10 Responses to “When will the nations CEO’s start spreading the wealth?”

  1. IgnoranceIsYou says:

    Clearly CEO’s have not used the tax cuts to create new jobs. Regardless of the economy the number one strategy of all corporations is to reduce labor costs either by cutting jobs or outsourcing. The fallacy of “trickle on” economics has been proven over and over.

  2. Liberal AssKicker says:

    I wish Americans could visit countries like the Philippines and see the way the Communist militias harrass poor people with their class warfare.

    They are identical to America’s liberals. Liberals here are becoming nothing more than shameless liars, bigots and communist burn-outs.

    (For more information, google NPA, the National People’s Army.)

  3. regerugged says:

    Barak is a multimillionaire. Most of the Senators are wealthy. The Democrats should lead by example. They should make their wealth available to the poor.
    As long as they are elected officials, they don’t have to worry about income, health insurance, travel expenses.

  4. Noodle says:

    They already did

    -build new homes in Europe
    -Prostitutes in Thailand
    -move jobs to China but sell the cheap craps in the USA

  5. CD says:

    No. we just hate Libs and there Communist ideas.

  6. Me says:

    They do spread the wealth. They create jobs, make products we want and put money in the bank, that banks use to give out loans so you can buy a house or car

  7. Mr. Sir says:

    Yay, let’s take away money from other people since we can’t be successful on our own! CEO pay can be way higher than it should, but who’s fault is that? If you don’t like what they get paid, don’t buy their products. Start your own company and don’t give your CEO a big salary, then you can put the over paid CEO companies out of business with your lower costs. Just quit your job, and ask Obama for a pay raise for doing nothing. He likes that kind of thing.

  8. Celia H says:

    When we do it for them. Preferably just after we have strung them up from a lamp post or other handy street furniture.

    Viva Robin Hood!

  9. duvvbrand says:

    They won’t. (of course m1a1 has a good point………they don’t have to “spread the wealth” by giving it away, they can just hire more people)


    He nominated 2 tax cheats to serve in his administration:


    He SAID he would ban all lobbyists (then waived the rules when it mattered):


    He then SAID George W. Bush was wrong for throwing money at the banks (but now wants to do it ON A LARGER SCALE):


    He also said he would veto any bill with pork in it (the solution: SECRET PORK!!):


    (Also, Obama endorsed Blagojevich in 2002 and 2006, Blago endorsed him right back)

  10. m1a1mikegolf says:

    You mean all of those new jobs that were created between 2002 and 2007?

    The owner of my company ‘spread the wealth’ during this time period by:
    Increasing the number of employees from 110 to over 250.
    Investing just about all of the company’s profits into new production equipment and machines.

    The reason he did this? Because he stood to make more money by re-investing the profits in the company because of the preferential tax rate on capital gains vs. income tax.

    Right now, times are tough at the company and the owner is doing everything he can to avoid layoffs. I don’t know how long he can continue to do this though.