Why are people complaining about corporate tax cuts?

Question by I report all McCain haters: Why are people complaining about corporate tax cuts?
And then complaining about unemployment rates? HELL-O! These tax cuts are in an effort to prevent outsourcing.

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Answer by cmac300
Obama wants to raise taxes on people that make over $ 250,000 a year.

He wants to raise minimum wage to $ 9.00 by 2010.

Do you really think rich business owners are just going to take the hit? NO, they’ll simply raise prices and cut jobs to make up the difference!

Sure middle class people will have more money if they still have a job, but everything is going to cost them more. In the end all this will do is drop the value of the dollar.

Why don’t people get this?

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3 Responses to “Why are people complaining about corporate tax cuts?”

  1. nearly-there says:

    So why have so many jobs been outsourced, there Sherlock ?

  2. gitrdoneobama says:

    How can an American making $ 25.00/hr compete with a foreigner who makes $ 2.00/hr at the same job??? They simply can’t.

    The solution is to give tax cuts to those who keep jobs here (like Obama will do) and put tariffs on products made with slave labor wages.

  3. ll_jenny_ll here says:

    hey there… I’m an aussie and when I heard Barack say just that.. I was REALLY impressed… and have remained so by him since….

    people DO NOT understand economics.. they just run by their fears….

    Too many western nations have companies that send employment off-shore… MIND you that is half the fault of the consumers who want cheap goods.. .they don’t realise that they are contributing negatively towards their own nation …

    I TRY to buy Australian ( being an aussie ) when I can … to help my nation’s economy long term… and I therefore understand barack’s plans for the USA , ie TO HELP THE USA economy .. to create employment .. to increase national wealth over-all …

    Good Luck 🙂