Why don’t Qantas serve a marshmallow in the hot chocolate anymore?

Question by Vin de Florence: Why don’t Qantas serve a marshmallow in the hot chocolate anymore?
I just love Qantas, and the Cadbury’s hot chocolate which is a feature of the long-haul flight, but usually they serve a marshmallow with it. So, has some thrifty MBA recommended some cost cutting measures, like no socks for the economy guys and a ziplock bag instead of those useful little zipper pouches? Just wondering. Actually, I didn’t get a blanket either, though the people fwd of me did (maybe they just ran out on my flight).

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Answer by Halo
Did you ask for a blanket? i guess they are cost cutting. Some airlines do not even provide you with an amenity bag in business class.

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  1. Gerald J says:

    Just like any business, when profits are down or you’re losing money you have to look at ways to cut costs. The most famous cost cutting move by airlines began years ago when American Airlines found that taking one olive out of each salad would save the airline over $ 40,000 a year. Another airline found that no longer serving a small bag of pretzels could save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

    In the US, airlines no longer serve complimentary meals on flights which saves millions a year, providing blankets and pillows on domestic flights is no longer free and except for a couple of airlines, they all charge hefty fees now to check baggage and on and on. I’m sure somebody at Qantas figured that no one would stop flying their airline if they didn’t get their marshmallow in their hot chocolate, and they could save tens of thousands per year by not serving them, same with the zippered pouches.

    You probably hit the nail on the head when you say some high up mucky muck decided to cut marshmallows, but I guess it’s better than deciding to cut maintenance costs or add more seats and cut legroom. Next time bring your own marshmallow, just like we do with pillows and food.