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22 Seconds To Save Thousands of Dollars

Master, in just 22 seconds (you can’t even pee in 22 seconds), the technique that will save you thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. It will save money with your kids, your spouse, at work and for your personal finances. And it works EVERY time.

Is 22 seconds of your time worth saving thousands of dollars?

And, as a special-wonderful-unique treat – we have the official Cost Coach theme song – recorded just for us.

Many people have discovered “The Secret” in there own special way. Here is how I discovered it. I would be sitting in my office and an employee (insert teen/mother-in-law/whomever here) would ask to come in for a minute. Then, after a bit of brief small talk (“Oh,” they would say, “That tie looks so nice on you. Is it new?”), they would do any one of the following (any/all are red alerts to respond immediately with the phrase below):

  • The employee pause, pause, pauses before speaking.
  • The employee struggles to find anything else intelligent to say (Umm, note this is also a very normal and typical occurrence).
  • The employee take a deep breath and says, “Can I ask a question?” or, worse, they say, “Can I ask a favor?”

You know immediately recognize the telltale signs of the pause, the struggle or the deep breath the employee takes as an economic indicator that they will be asking you to spend your company’s (or worse, your own) money.

So, here is what you do. Let’s practice by singing just the first 22 seconds of this song (Hey! Everybody! Sing along with me!)

Just listen to the first 22 seconds…

Here are those lyrics to the song “Nobody But Me,” by the 60’s group – The Human Beinz.” In 22 seconds you will master this money saving response.

“No no no no no no no no no
No no no no no no no no
No no no no no no no no
No no no no no”

So, whenever there is the pause, the struggle or the deep breath, all you immediately do, before the employee can say anything, is replace that small sliver of silence from the employee, with your firm, fatherly, but forceful statement of, “No.” Then, without pausing say, “Thanks for visiting.” Works for me, and it will work for you.

Read the Cost Coachette version of this “Just Say No!” technique.

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Click above to read how we save you money.

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