How To Tell When You Are Really Getting Screwed In A Deal

The Cone of Silence
Image by cote via Flickr

The Santa “Clause”

If there is one thing I have learned from vendors, salespeople, my wife, it is when they lean over, and give a you a special wink or a slight head nod, then with a twinkle in their eye like ‘ol Saint Nick,  they slowly lean in like one of those first kiss scenes in a black and white movie that my wife likes so much, and say with a hushed tone softly uttered like they are in the ‘Cone of Silence,’ “This is really a good deal for you.”

Then, with their missive delivered, just as suddenly they lean back, as if a ‘silent, but deadly’ event finally invaded their air-space, and, with that, they give you one more confirming nod, as if to ‘seal the deal’.

This is always a red flag, because when some ‘sez, “This is really a good deal for you,” it is always a better deal for them, and, always at your expense.

Then, to solidify that they are really going out of their way for you, they calmly, but while expecting obligation, will say, “Don’t tell anyone, I could lose my job.”

To which, I think, “I could lose my job, you moron (except for my wife).”

Have I got a deal for you!

Have I got a deal for you!

Don’t believe everything they tell you . . . not even your “friendly” bank manager!