Free Grocery Coupons



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Where To Find ‘Em and How To Use ‘Em 
Have you noticed how everything keeps getting more and more expensive . . . course you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this about free grocery coupons. Free grocery coupons are one way in which the average shopper can fight back against the rising cost of feeding their families, but beware . . . free grocery coupons are not only designed to make life easier for the shopper, they also have benefits for the grocery store.

Finding Free Grocery Coupons

Free grocery coupons are everywhere . . . well, obviously not everywhere, but they really are all over the place, you’ve just gotta’ know where to look and get your eye tuned in for a bargain. Food coupons have been around for years, falling out of the Sunday newspapers, hidden amongst the pages of magazines (with a dotted line and handy picture of a tiny pair of scissors to make sure you’ve got the right idea), they even land in the mailbox from time to time. Of course, since the phenomenal rise of the Internet then finding free coupons has been even easier;

  • coupons for cat food
  • coupons for dog food
  • coupons for baby food
  • food restaurant coupons
  • printable coupons for food
  • fast food coupons
  • slow food coupons (ha ha, just seeing if you’re paying attention)
  • organic grocery coupons
  • manufacturers grocery coupons

yep, there is no shortage of places where to find free grocery coupons, you can simply print them off and use them in your local grocery store. Money off vouchers and coupons can make your weekly housekeeping pot go much, much further.

Wow, she’s a bit tricky . . .

Using Free Grocery Coupons

Okay, it ain’t rocket science, you clip ’em, you take ’em to the store and when you get to the check-out with your groceries you hand ’em to the cashier and she discounts your grocery bill for the value of your free grocery coupons. This is where you’ve gotta’ be a little bit careful – how many times have you scoured the grocery store for something which you ordinarily wouldn’t buy, hell, the chances are it’ll still be at the back of your store cupboard next Christmas, BUT . . . you’ve got a $1 off coupon. You usually don’t even look at Product XYZ ‘cos it’s far too expensive at $3.50 when your usual brand only costs a couple of bucks, but with this $1 off coupon it’ll only cost a little more than your usual choice . . . ALERT, ALERT . . . put the product back on the shelf and move away . . . it’s gonna’ cost you more than you would usually spend Bozo! These free grocery coupons are supposed to help you SAVE money on your weekly shopping bills, not spend even a little bit more. Admit it, how many times have you gone to the grocery store clutching onto a fistful of grocery food coupons and come back out actually spending more money than you usually do.

Another warning about the best grocery coupons . . . you are in danger of spoiling yourself, or even worse, someone else. Picture the scene, you’ve been sent to the grocery store with a clutch of free food coupons for one or two bits and pieces – “don’t forget the shampoo” – rings in your ears as you wander up and down the aisles – well, “she who must be obeyed” is usually happy with the grocery stores own brand, but this week you’ve got a $1 coupon for some super duper shampoo which is endorsed by all of the latest celebrities, why not spoil her . . . ALERT ALERT . . . do you think she’ll ever be happy again once she knows how soft and silky her locks could feel for just an extra few bucks – think about it and shop smart, even with a load of free printable coupons in your pocket.