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Cats are remarkably fussy eaters, as anybody who has been lucky enough to be permitted to share the home of a cat will know (you don’t allow the cat to share your home apparently, they kind of tolerate you in their home). Anyway, cats are fussy, except that one which yowls outside my bedroom window every night and knocks over the trash looking for scraps . . . he’s not so fussy, maybe his family don’t know about how clipping cat food coupons can really cut down on the expense of feeding puss.

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Cats are apparently the most popular type of pet in America, the number of cats in our homes is greater than the number of dogs, the number of rabbits (shouldn’t they live outside, not sure about “house rabbits” although I did share a bedroom with Oscar, a very friendly rabbit on a recent family visit, he was lovely but very noisy and the entire carpet was permanently covered in sawdust). Anyway, I digress, cats are the most popular type of pet, so it stands to reason that millions of us every week pile up the cat food at the grocery store. That’s why cat food coupons are such a good idea, ‘cos there are so many that cats and cat lovers can benefit from them.

Cat food manufacturers are not daft you know, most of their advertising campaigns are based on the knowledge that cats are fussy eaters . . . 9 out of 10 cats preferred XXX . . . you know the sort of thing, and they know that if they tempt shoppers with enough coupons for cat food for their particular brand, that hopefully Tiddles will turn up his little pink nose at any different brand of cat food and they’ll have to continue buying their brand even when the cat food coupons are out of date. Yes, that’s there game you know, but who cares, cat pet food coupons can save you precious money, and that’s what this site is all about.

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