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 Dogs, don’t you just love ’em, “man’s best friend”, “faithful companion”, “a house is not a home without a dog”, “the kids

Puppy beagle

Hmmm, looks like this one's started already.

have all left home so we’ve got a poodle instead” . . . we sure do love ’em, but some of ’em can eat us out of house and home. Some of them actually do try to eat the house – a particularly adorable Beagle puppy of ours who shall remain nameless (she knows who I mean, and so does the rest of the household) managed to chew her way through two carpets, 3 kitchen cupboard doors, the kitchen table, a rather expensive jacket and a garden fence before we eventually remembered that despite having the most adorable brown eyes in the world she could not be trusted and under no circumstances must be left unattended for a single minute.

Okay, I seem to have got a little side tracked, I’m supposed to be talking about dog food coupons, ways to save money when you’re shopping for dog food with coupons. You see, dogs come in all shapes and sizes, you might think it’s not worth the bother seeking out pet food coupons to save money feeding Gnasher, your friendly Chihuaua, but even small dogs with a smallish appetite can considerably add to your weekly grocery bills, so why not pop in some dog food coupons along with the rest of your free grocery coupons. Some little dogs are actually quite fussy eaters and will turn their noses up at anything but the very best in dog fodder, and if you can get pet food coupons to save a few precious cents it all adds up. What was it my Dad used to tell me . . . look after the cents and the dollars will look after themselves . . . great advice, I’m beginning to wish I’d listened sooner but hey ho, that’s life and it’s better late than never. 

Larger dogs have larger appetites, we’ve already spoken briefly about Gnasher, but what if your faithful friend is something more reminiscent of Beethoven (the St Bernard, not the composer) . . . just imagine how much food a dog like that can put away every day . . . you really could save yourself a small fortune using dog food coupons to help feed his enormous appetite.

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Dog food coupons are available for many of the top pet food brands, although maybe not all at the same time. Another thing to consider very carefully whilst we’re talking about dog food coupons, well, dog food in general really, is that it’s very important that your dog, whether he’s a pedigree or a “street dog” has a balanced diet, and it’s important that you don’t continue to feed your dog with the same brand of dog food the whole time . . . variety is the spice of life, which is where using coupons for dog food can really help. It’s a great idea to test out different brands of dog food with whatever dog food coupons you can get your paws on . . . that way it won’t cost you anything (or very little) if he doesn’t like it, and he’ll get a nice variety in his diet to keep him interested in his dog food.

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