Can You Save Money By Cutting Your Own Hair? Naturally.

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Some people want to know if they can really save money by cutting their own hair. Well, if you want to look like a dork, sure.

Why Pay a Hairdresser?

Why pay your hairdresser $10 – 60 just to chop at your locks when you can do it yourself? Since you’re on such good terms with yourself, you’ll even throw in a discount, minus the cost of supplies, that is. One of the guys at my school cuts his own hair and he saves a bundle. We mostly call him Chops because… oh, actually that’s not important.
What is important is how you can achieve the same great savings.

Use Scissors – Cost for Supplies: $4.99
You can maximize your savings by using a simple pair of sheers to cut your hair. You can save even more money by getting your hair-cutting advice from someone who’s never been to beauty school – like me.

I advise the grab-a-handful-and-cut-in-a-straight-line technique. It’s fast, it’s efficient, it’s unique…

But here’s my, personal, preferred method:

Use a Shavor – Cost for Supplies: $60

If you’re a guy, or a girl with a face like Natalie Portman, you can rock a pretty awesome cut using a good shaver with multiple length attachments. After the first cut, it pays for itself and isn’t likely to turn out disastrous.

  • Step 1: Aim your head over a trash can, or over a sink, but preferably a trash can so that your drain doesn’t get all clogged up.
  • Step 2: Run the shaver all through your hair in even intervals several times to make sure that you got it all. Going over the same spot more than once is not going to make it shorter – it’ll just catch the fly-aways you missed the first time.
  • Step 3: Enjoy your great new do and all that extra cash in your pocket (only because there always has to be three steps).

Use Simple Technology to Cut Your Hair – Cost of Supplies: about $100 – One Time Cost

Recent Flowee Customer Reviews

  • “It really works! I expected this to be questionable and to my surprise it actually gave me a very good hair cut. I’m very happy with the product. It’s worked out great for me.”
  • “I just purchased my second FlowBee.”
  • “I have four boys and I have cut their hair every month with clippers and scissors their whole lives. Blending was so difficult for me. The Flowbee did it perfectly”
  • “I am still using the original that I bought at least 20 years ago. My son borrows it to cut his hair. I tell people that I have saved enough to buy a barbershop.”
If you look at how much a hair cut costs, you can recover your investment in just 4-5 uses.

Dye Your Own Hair – Cost of Supplies: $8.99

While most salons charge upwards of $50 per color, you can give yourself an instant raise by doing it yourself.

Pick you favorite hair color at the supermarket, grab a smock, then head home to yourself an instant (well… 45 minute) make-over. I usually apply dye in the bathtub to make the mess more manageable.

Don’t Cut Your Hair at All – Cost of Supplies: $0

Finally, the 4th, and last way to save money by doing your own hair is…. Don’t cut your hair at all.

Scissors cost money, shavers cost money, and dye costs money. On top of that, you’re a badass and badasses don’t cut their hair. And that’s exactly what you’re going to tell ‘em when they ask – if they dare.

Crosby, Stills & Nash singing, “Almost Cut My Hair.”

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