Use This Brown Bag Twice: Once For Lunch, Once To Cover Your Head

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Ahhh…remember the brown bag lunches your mom used to pack for you? The crisp, fresh bag, heavy with goodies. Or so you thought, right? You sat down for lunch at the school cafeteria and opened your bag, bursting with anticipation, to find…a boloney sandwich. If you were lucky enough to have a really cool mom, there was actually some mayo in there, plus the extra bonus Fruit Roll-Up and juice box. And the next day for lunch you had…another boloney sandwich. And so, folks, this is the reason why I was often seen with my brown bag over my head in the school cafeteria quoting Looney Tunes’ Sylvester Jr. (“Oh, the shame!”).

Is this why adults are so reluctant to pack their lunches? Ok, let’s hug it out…we’re all grown up now, and NOW is the time to make amends for past mistakes (Our mistake? Not having the courage to stand up to mom and say, “No more boloney for me, mom!”). Let’s prove to everyone that a brown bag lunch can be a lot more than a simple boloney sandwich, AND you’ll have the added bonus of thousands of dollars of savings.

What’s that, you say? Thousands of dollars of savings? On lunch alone? Not possible! Baloney!

Ok, so clearly you don’t believe me. Let’s do the math, people. An average brown bag lunch costs between $1 and $3, while you may spend between $10 to $15 if you buy your lunch. That’s an average $10 savings per day, $50 per week. Total savings for 52 weeks = $2600. If you manage to save $60 per week, that translates into $3120. Now, if you still think packing your own lunch is not worth the savings, it’s my turn to say, “ Baloney!”

Coast Coachette tips for a money-saving, healthy lunch:

  • Make extra for dinner, and keep it for the next day’s lunch. Lots of leftover meats make awesome sandwiches: chicken sandwich, turkey sandwich, roast beef sandwich, and the list goes on.
  • Get your PacMan or Strawberry Shortcake thermos from your mom’s attic and take some homemade soup for lunch.
  • If last night’s leftovers aren’t enough, toss a salad or some fresh fruits into your brown bag. (Note: Never attempt to toss a salad in the brown bag itself. Use the appropriate container.)

Now, you might still want to wear that paper bag over your head. After all, everyone else can afford to go out to lunch, and you’re staying behind to eat lunch at your desk. But hey, even Sylvester Jr. would agree there’s no shame in that.

Brown bagging it to save money

Brown bagging it to save money