Get a Hobby! – Save Money AND Make Some Extra Cash, While You’re at It

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Can Your Hobby Make You Money?

Think about it. How much did you end up paying the plumber to fix a leaky faucet? Is it really that hard to fix a leaky faucet? Have you ever felt, “Hey, I could have done that myself”? This is just one example of countless money-saving opportunities to be had, just by cultivating a hobby, like plumbing.

So maybe plumbing is not your cup of tea, but there has to be something else. Are you really into cars or computers? What about something a bit more artistic? The beauty of getting a hobby is that you’ll not only be doing something you enjoy, you’ll save tons of money on things like repairs, meals, and even clothes.

Anybody can do a hobby. See our Cost Coach bonus video at the end.

Here’s a by no means comprehensive list of hobbies that will help you save big bucks:

  • Car repair
  • Computer repair
  • Cooking
  • Carpentry
  • Electricity/wiring
  • Gardening
  • Indoor plumbing
  • Knitting/Sewing

Now, there are even some hobbies that will help you earn extra cash. Learn to make scented candles and soaps, and you could have your own party favor and keepsake business. The same goes for cakes and cupcakes. Sew or knit your own designs, then, organize parties to sell your items. Guys, you could go for a timeless classic: carpentry and woodworking. You can even give classes online on EduFire. Just think about something you really enjoy doing, or something you’d like to learn, and presto! Take courses, learn from others, or make use of the Internet’s vast resources (EduFire’s also a great place to take lessons, all from the comfort of your own home). Just make sure you “cultivate” your hobby, so it starts earning you money.

Now, ladies don’t think you have to stick to knitting and embroidery…your very own Cost Coachette can handle basic electrical wiring, and although I have been know to blow a fuse or two, at least I don’t need a man to change a few light switches. Go women’s lib!

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