How to Lose Your eBay PowerSeller Status and Your Discounts

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With the rise of eBay as a profit-making venue, so has the number of eBay PowerSellers who are able to make even more money based on their hard-earned status. In fact, being a successful eBay PowerSeller has almost become cliche at this point – and you are a rebel!

Show your individuality with some dreary black make-up, long, swoopy bangs and by abandoning your PowerSeller status, along with all its savings and benefits, with a vengeance! Don’t know how? Fear not, for I do.

Hoard Your Inventory

To start off with, we’re going to cut down on you actually listing and selling stuff. I mean, did you really want to make a profit off that pile of Transformers DVD stock you just got in? No! You can watch all of them, one right after the other. Then you’ll really be living.

Lose Your Inventory

No, I mean literally lose, as in “have you seen my keys?” lose (Hey, you can buy a lost keys alarm finder on eBay). This is for people who find hoarding the inventory to involve too much self-control.

The trick is to not label anything (boxes, bins, etc), allow lots of people access to where you keep your stock, and occasionally leave things out on your front porch.

You can also not put any of your items in a box or bin and just leave it out in the open – like on the floor where your dog will inevitably find it and use it as a fire hydrant, because you can’t get him bloody house trained and it’s driving you freaking batty.

You’ll be believing in magic after all your items do a disappearing act when your auction is over and you need to ship it. Now you’ve lost the sale and might get a negative feedback. Both will help bolster you off to losing your PowerSeller status.

Piss Off Your eBay Buyers

This is the easiest thing to do on eBay. Sure, you do have to sell a certain amount of items per year to remain an eBay PowerSeller and not selling items will put you below that threshold, but this could take months or even a year to get you thrown out of the program. Try this shortcut – pissing off your buyers. This will cause your buyer satisfaction to plummet which will result in your PowerSeller status being nixed in like, a month.

There are an endless amount of ways to do this, which really could form a book in and of themselves, but you don’t have time for books! You’re trying to peddle away a business, so here’s a few cliff notes to jump start implementing this trick:

  • Add meaningless shipping charges after the eBay auction has ended. Nothing irks buyers more than hidden and unexpected charges.
  • If they bring up a problem, just belittle them. Tell them that your feedback speaks for itself (clearly) and that they are clearly delusional. And maybe they are, but it’s the telling them that is certain to win you the negative feedback you need to ditch your PowerSeller, or Top Rated Seller status.
  • Make it all about the principle of the matter. Yes, maybe the item arrived torn and scratched when it was advertised as new, you said “no returns!” And, dangit, if we don’t stick to the principle of the matter – people obeying the terms of your sale, then what will the world come to? I mean, besides repeat customers.

Violate eBay Policy

Oh, this is a fun way to lose your PowerSeller status. I mean, it takes a couple tries, and you might actually get suspended before you lose your PowerSeller status, but what’s more fun than listing your World of Warcraft account as a “paper-clip” with a bonus of 4 level 80s, then getting them removed over and over again?

Well, I’ve tried to give you the basic steps to being a money-rebel, but the rest is going to be up to you, because I think that if I gave you anymore pointers on how to be unique, the universe might implode and I still need to try some bizarre and likely disgusting foods before I’ll be ok with this happening.