3 Simple Strategies that Will Save You a Bundle at the Supermarket

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Let’s admit it. Grocery shopping is a thoroughly enjoyable experience for some. Ahhh, the empty shopping cart, just waiting to be filled with goodies. The endless aisles glittering with bright, colorful, crisp packages and boxes. The rows of freezers offering tempting frozen delights that need only be popped into the microwave for instant gratification.

Well…wake up and smell the economic downturn! If you want your finances to survive the current recession unscathed, you need to implement strategies.

No more waltzing around supermarket aisles carelessly picking up whatever suits your fancy. You need to buy what you need.

The unenlightened can use our the Cost Coachette super-secret, patented method, available to the first 10 callers only. The smart grocery shopper will learn how to turn this…

Save when grocery shopping - part 1

Non-Cost Coach Way

Save when grocery shopping - part 2

Cost Coach Way

Into this proven way to absolutely save on your grocery bills, even if you don’t use coupons!  It is so easy a child could save money grocery shopping. And, as yet another Cost Coachette bonus, available only to readers of this page, you will look younger when you shop using our cost savings techniques.

Try these three fail-safe strategies for guaranteed supermarket savings:

1. Don’t Leave Home Without It (Your Amex Card? No! Your Shopping List!)

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to save money on groceries. Now, here’s the key to making out a list that will get the job done. First, make a list of all of the things you think you need to buy. Next, divide a separate sheet of paper into three columns: 1. “Items that are essential to our household”; 2. “Items we don’t really need, but make life more bearable” (this is where you’d put things like chocolate, Twinkies, and other sweets or desserts); 3. “What was I thinking?”

Take a long, hard look at your 3 columns. The first should be the longest, and the second should be about a third of the first (confused? If your first column has 30 items, the second should have 10 – duh!) If your second column happens to be longer than the first you’ll need to trim the fat – literally! The third column is your conscience speaking. Why buy 3 bottles of Cabernet “just in case” someone pops in for a visit? Unless you have the intention of entertaining friends or family at home, or have made the arrangements to do so, don’t buy things “just in case”. You’ll buy them when you need ’em.

Don’t stray from the list. Don’t be tempted to reach out for that package of Hostess Ding Dongs if it’s not on the list. Think of it as your own personal “bucket list.” If you have had those Ding Dongs before, it is now checked as eaten, enjoyed and is now off of your bucket list.

2. Remember Convenience Foods Are Not Convenient For Your Pocket

Just in case you added any frozen, processed, preserved, or ready-to-eat foods to the above mentioned list…please, reconsider your choices. These food items are consistently more expensive than their homemade counterparts. And less healthy, besides. So, you’re not a chef, you say? No time to cook? You don’t have to be a chef to make homemade vegetable soup, and it doesn’t take that long, either. So, go back to your list and cross out all those cans of Campbell soup, and add some fresh vegetables, for crying out loud.

3. Don’t Grocery Shop On An Empty Stomach Or It Will Empty Your Wallet

Seriously. If you’re hungry, you’ll be more susceptible to reaching out for those cream-filled donuts. If you don’t believe me, try it. Then, see how much junk food you unnecessarily added to your shopping cart.

Throw in a few coupons, special offers, and 2 for 1 deals, and enjoy your newfound savings!

For making it this far down the page, and as a Cost Coachette super-duper bonus, here is comedienne Jeanne Robertson on, “Don’t send a man to the grocery store!” So grab a bucket of Ding-Dongs and enjoy.