How To Find Discount Theme Park Tickets

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What better way to spend a family vacation than at a theme park, whether it’s for the day, for the weekend or for an extended break? Yeah, well, theme parks are fun, that’s for sure, but then on the other hand . . . . what better way to spend a few hundred bucks than on a day at the theme park . . . that’s the reality. Theme park tickets are pretty expensive, which leads us to believe that the theme park companies can’t really expect us to pay those prices . . . no way Jose . . . there must be a way to find discount theme park tickets.

The best way NOT to find discount theme park tickets is at the theme park itself . . . that’s financial suicide . . . you do not arrive at the theme park gate and pay your money at the front gate, you’re bound to miss out on one of the countless deals available for any discount theme park tickets if you do that.

In order to find discount theme park tickets you need to have a plan, I mean, if you’re talking VFM, value for money, never mind the actual cost of your theme park ticket, calculate how many hours of the day you’re gonna’ spend waiting to get onto the most popular rides! If you schedule your theme park visit when it’s not so crowded you’ll be able to enjoy more attractions and spend less time queueing, so although you’ve spent the same amount of money on your ticket you’ve got more for your money. But that ain’t what this page is all about, this page is about . . .

How To Find Discount Theme Park Tickets

There are a few ways in which you can save money on theme park entrance tickets before you get there, by just thinking ahead a little.

  • Buy your theme park tickets in advance – this usually means online. If you know that a theme park visit is on the horizon them get surfing . . . surfing the internet . . . use simple phrases like “cheap theme park tickets”, “discount theme park tickets”, “theme park tickets for less” and you should come up with something.
  • Buy your theme park tickets in advance at a roadside ticket booth. These really can be a great source of discount theme park tickets . . . but sometimes you have to pay the price (in something other than cash). It’s alright . . . you don’t have to leave the missus behind for a day or two, but you might have to leave the kids for an hour or two . . . let me explain.

Cheap Theme Park Ticket Timeshare Tours (or similar)

So, you’ve arrived for a couple of weeks vacation but you’re on a pretty tight budget . . . you’ve got a couple of kids in tow, one of whom is particularly keen to get personally acquainted with Mickey Mouse and see inside Cinderella’s castle. You get my drift . . . . ? You’re short on dosh, but you could spare a couple of hours at the right price, after all, signing up for a quick talk (no pressure you understand) for a couple of free tickets to a theme park can’t be a bad exchange – can it?

Okay, you’re up for it . . . you arrive at the desk and, what can only be described as “swap your kids for a couple of tickets”. You know how it is when you check in your luggage at the airport . . . we’re talking a similar scenario, except you do get a ticket in exchange and have the opportunity to wave to your nearest and dearest as they disappear through a door to “play with the other children”. Don’t worry, just bring your ticket back and we’ll return them as good as new. I dread to think about what would happen if you lost the ticket . . . luckily I didn’t start sweating about that one until later that evening when they had been returned safe and sound. Anyway, then you get “the talk”. These things usually start off with the “I’m really only here for the discount theme park tickets so don’t waste too much of your precious time, we don’t want one . . . we haven’t got the money for one . . . just hand over the tickets and we’ll be on our way”. Nice try.

At first you’re quite polite, “oh, that sounds interesting” . . . “yes, well if I had the money available I’d certainly think about it” . . . then they start asking about credit cards! Okay, so a couple of hours later you’re getting pretty bored . . . you’ve been on the “tour” which are timed to perfection for the fresh cookies and coffee aromas to greet the prospective timeshare clients, but in the end you feel quite lucky to get out alive, with children in tact. Anyway, all is forgotten and forgiven the following day when you enjoy a great day at a theme park with discount theme park tickets, plus you can dine out on the experience for months afterwards (of the timeshare talks, not the theme park).

Of course, there is another option on how to save money on theme park tickets . . . leave the kids at the timeshare talk and have a child free day . . . mmm, tell me again who it was that wanted to meet Mickey Mouse!

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