If You’re Smart Enough to Get into College, Then You’re Smart Enough to Buy Smart

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Great. Seven years down the drain.” Bluto (John Belushi) “Animal House”

And, since you went to college, and you are so smart, so you can probably speak Spanish…

The back to school time of year is one of the most anticipated, thrilling times. You wonder what your teachers will be like, if there will be any cute boys in class, or how your team will do in the coming college football season. You’re totally psyched to get started, you’ve stocked your dorm room with everything you’ll need, and you have a fresh supply of goodies your mom packed to send you off to school, not to mention enough clean clothes, a new batch of school supplies, and crisp, new textbooks….wait! You haven’t bought your textbooks, yet? Well, as your shopping list gets longer and longer, you’ll soon come to the hard realization (if you haven’t yet) that if you buy all of those textbooks at your college bookstore, you’ll very likely run up a bill of thousands of dollars. Yes! Thousands.

So, as usual, Coast Coachette comes to the rescue with another handy little tip that will save you buckets full of money.

It’s quite simple, kiddos. Instead of going for the so-obvious and easy choice of dropping large sums of money at the college bookstore on books you might be using for only one semester, buy college textbooks, and if you can buy them used, so much the better.

Great Sites To Buy College Books Online

  • Amazon.com offers both new and used textbooks for great prices. Moreover, if you join their Amazon Student program, you get the usual Amazon Prime shipping benefits for one year, free of charge, which include unlimited free 2-day shipping and no minimum order necessary.
  • Half.com connects you with people who sell their used books online for important discounts off the list price.
  • CampusBooks.com allows you to compare prices for savings of up to 95%, plus you have the option to rent textbooks.
  • ValoreBooks.com also offers textbook rental, but you can also get great bargains in used books.

The real value behind these websites is that you’ll not only be able to buy college textbooks for great prices, you also have the chance to put them up for sale online once you’re done with them. So, you get instant savings AND the chance in the near future to make some extra cash. You couldn’t ask for a better way to start the school year, right?

Also, many college campuses have set up student bulletin boards where they can buy, sell or exchange college textbooks among themselves.