Look Down For Savings — In Grocery And Liquor Stores

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While it’s enjoyable and satisfying to look up at the moon, stars, trees, and clouds, when shopping for food and spirits, the opposite is true.

Look at the Lower Shelves for Upper-Level Savings!

Typically, grocery and liquor stores have the best-priced and/or generic products on their lower to lowest shelves. This is true about 95% of the time. Why? Because most people will only examine the products on the shelving that is mid to upper eye-level. They won’t take the time, or make the effort to bend down, squat or otherwise examine the treasures that lie down below. It’s inconvenient, awkward, and for some, uncomfortable. Especially if you have tired, cranky children along. But that’s where the best priced products are –along with the satisfaction of saving money.

Marketing departments are well aware of this, which is why their product placement is strategic. In much the same way that candy and other child-coveted products are placed on shelves easily reached by kids, more expensive food and wine products are located on the mid to upper shelving, (easier to see, easier to reach, not awkward, etc.). Less expensive and/or generic brands are placed on the bottom of the shelf. Stores are in the market (pun intended) to make money. They want consumers to purchase name brands and otherwise more expensive merchandise.

Watch The Video, Then Try It For Yourself!

The next time you visit your grocery or liquor store, make a visual sweep of what lies on the mid to upper eye-level shelves versus the lower ones. If these establishments are at all like the ones I frequent, you will find everything from tomato sauce to chardonnay on the lower shelves priced significantly less than those on the mid to upper eye-level shelves.

So make a childless journey to your local food or wine outlet and see for yourself what savings lie in wait on the bottom shelves. Knee pads are, of course, optional.

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