Save Money On Gas (Without Sacrificing Your Beloved Motor)

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Save Money On Gas (Without Sacrificing Your Beloved Motor)

These days we all need to save money every which way we can (and if we don’t need to, we still like to – a dollar extra in the pocket and all that . . . ) So how about that big gas guzzling monster you’ve got parked in the garage. You know that you should buy something smaller and more economical, but you’ve been together for so long you couldn’t bear to be parted – yeah, I know the routine.

Well, don’t despair, there are ways that you can save money on your gas, and in some ways, the more you use the more you can possibly save. Next time you start to get an earful about that sort of thing play the percentages card – well, if I save 10% on the cost of gas and spend $500 per month, then I’m saving a whopping $50, that’s $600 per year, but if I pay around $250 per month on gas then I’ll only be saving $300 per year – do you see how it works?

Right, now that you’ve got that one firmly up your sleeve for emergencies, let’s look at ways that you can justify your gas guzzler.

1. Car pool – If you can fit four other kids safely into your car, then that’s four other Dads who need to return the favor and take your kids along with them. Four more days when your car doesn’t need to take the trip, as opposed to only 2 days off if you had a smaller car . . . now you’re getting the hang of it.

2. Room for a bicycle – your big gas guzzling car has ample room in the trunk for your bicycle, so you can (allegedly) park further away from work and cycle the rest of the way, if you have the time and the weather permits of course.

3. Plenty of room for the groceries – a large car and a large trunk means that you only need to visit the grocery store every couple of months to really stock up on the bulk bargain buys, instead of driving all the way over a couple of times a week, using up precious gas and having to buy smaller, more expensive quantities.

4. It takes you more time to polish your beloved monster every Sunday morning, giving you much less time to spend precious cash elsewhere.

5. Being a savvy shopper can really help you to save the amount of money you actually pay for your gas in the first place.

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