Air Berlin Replaces Cost Cutting Expert with Aviation Sector Pro

Cost cutting measures
Cost Cutting Measures
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Lame title for a lame photo. Just took this to pick on my boss who becomes quite upset when anyone rips off her adding machine tape.

Air Berlin Replaces Cost Cutting Expert with Aviation Sector Pro
Still, when he stepped down in 2009, many German railway customers cheered because a decline in the level of Deutsche Bahn services was considered a reflection of his cost-cutting measures. But giving up the helm of the financially troubled Air Berlin …
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Chikaonda faults the govt over costcutting measures
Press Corporation Limited (PCL) chief executive officer Mathews Chikaonda has criticised the government of President Joyce Banda for not showing seriousness on cost cutting measures. Speaking in Lilongwe on Saturday during a private sector – civil …
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Air India crew resist costcutting
Aviation minister Ajit Singh, worried by the projected net shortfall of Rs. 404 crore per month in AI, appointed a committee headed by an IIM Ahmedabad professor last week to suggest cost-cutting measures and cut down wasteful expenditure. Cost cutting …
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Panel to suggest costcutting measures for Air India
New Delhi, Jan 3 — The government Thursday formed a panel to suggest measures to cut rising operation costs of Air India after the national carrier was found to have suffered an average net loss of Rs.404 crore a month March-October last year.
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