What Are Grocery Coupons

Grocery Coupons are singlehandedly (in some extreme cases) feeding the families of America. Every week we see on the news about some Mom who can feed a family of four for $3 per week, and has a store cupboard packed to the ceiling with enough food to survive a nuclear holocaust . . . and she got it all for free with free grocery coupons.

So what are these grocery coupons? Can anybody get them? Where do you find them? How do you use them? So many questions . . . if you’d just open your eyes a little you’d probably notice the bigger picture, every time you walk down the aisles in your local grocery store, open a magazine, surf the internet, read the newspaper (especially on Sundays, maybe the thinking is that people have more time to sit and clip out coupons on Sundays) there’s a very good chance that there’ll be some grocery coupons lurking in the corners.

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Grocery Coupons are a great way to save money on your weekly groceries, you can get grocery coupons for just about everything you eat, wash with, clean with, in fact just about everything you buy on your weekly (or in some cases daily) trip to the grocery store.

  • baby food coupons – very useful if you actually have (or are expecting) a baby, if not, pass them on to somebody who has
  • cat food coupons – very useful if you have a cat, waste of time if you don’t . . . why not donate them to the local cat rescue home
  • dog food coupons – here we go again . . . do you have a dog . . . then look out for dog food coupons
  • coupons for fast food – I know that we cost cutters don’t actually get out and about much ‘cos it’s too expensive and goes against our frugal nature, but if you’ve got a coupon for some free fast food then why not spoil yourself occasionally, I said occasionally, otherwise you might be needing
  • diet food coupons
  • online grocery coupons
  • printable grocery coupons
  • online printable grocery coupons

you see how this works, you can get grocery coupons for almost EVERYTHING if you just take a little time to look.

Did Kitty change her hair color? I think she did . . . I bet she had a free grocery coupon for that too!

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