Save Money Using Shampoo, I Repeat, Save Money Using Shampoo

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Cost Coachette on repeating the rinse and repeat cycle, I repeat, Cost Coachette on repeating the rinse and repeat cycle.

We all shampoo our hair, right? At least every Saturday night (like in the olden days) or, more likely, every couple of days or so. When is the last time you read the directions on a bottle of shampoo? You never have? Well, now’s your chance!

Don’t Shampoo Twice

Virtually every type of shampoo I’ve ever purchased in my lifetime has had the same directions:

1) Shampoo and rinse;

2) Rinse and repeat, umm that means shampoo a second time and rinse. Please don’t lose count, you don’ want to over rinse and repeat…

Are they serious?

Unless you are a mud wrestler, sewer engineer, coal miner, or perhaps a composter, there is never a need to shampoo twice! Then why, you posit, do the directions say that?

More Shampoo Used is More Shampoo Sold

Because the manufacturers want you to use more so that you need to purchase again more quickly! Seriously, Einstein, never shampoo more than once. (Unless you’ve tried a mayonnaise mask on your hair, which I do not recommend, having tried it exactly once, and in that case, you may have to shampoo literally for days or months — as I did). After that, my hair was somewhat shinier, though. Much drier, but somewhat shinier.

So shop for the best shampoo for your type of hair, at the best possible price — dollar stores are great for this — and only shampoo once!

Please note that this advice is for human beings, not dogs, cats, ferrets, pigs and other lovable critters.

And while you’re at it . . .

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