Baby Quasar Photorejuvenation Light Therapy, Red

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2 Responses to “Baby Quasar Photorejuvenation Light Therapy, Red”

  1. J. Kelley says:
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    Not Impressed, March 20, 2009
    J. Kelley (East Rockaway, NY United States) –

    I must say that I had extremely high hopes for this product (porportionate, no doubt, to the high price tag). The truth is, however, that the Baby Q just doesn’t measure up. I received this product for my 35th birthday. My face is just beginning to show some fine lines and sun dammage that is common for my age. I was not looking for a miracle & my expectations were reasonable.

    That being said, I can’t knock it entirely. After using it religiously for a month and a half (exactly as stated on the instructions) I have noticed a slightly more even toned complexion. What I have NOT seen is any increased firmness, radiance, reduced pore size, or a decrease in fine lines. Once or twice someone has said to me that my face looked nice, but I can’t be sure that is can be connected to my use of the Baby Q. My sister, who just came to town recently, kept looking at me until she finally said, “SOMETHING is different about you.” … hmmmm….Maybe it’s your hair?” I suggested it may be my skin and told her about the Baby Q. She gave me a lingering look and said, “maaaaaybe……”

    I’m sharing this in an attempt to be as objective as possible to the product and to all of you, who like me, really want this to do what it says it does. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not alltogether useless, but it just that for the pricetag, I don’t see the justification. I’m a beauty junkie. I try lots of products in the hope that they’ll deliver. Some do, some dont. Truth is, my skin looks just as good and for as long, as when I get a facial. When I finish, my skin does have a rosy glow but it doesnt last much longer than a couple of hours and then it’s back to normal.
    Naturally, you can make the decision for yourself, but I thought I’d put my two cents in.

    You may find it extremely interesting that I am leaving a review on amazon because the company I actually bought the product from DID NOT post my lukewarm review. In fact, all the reviews on their website are nothing but 5 star, positive and glowing. I abhor this manner of conducting business and felt the public had a right to know ALL personal experience with this product, not just the 5 that are wonderful..

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  2. night owl says:
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    Tedious!, October 6, 2010

    I’ve had this for two weeks and I can’t say for sure whether it is benefiting my appearance. I’ll write about that later, but I really wanted to get this review out there.

    I researched light therapy devices for about a month before I took the $400 plunge. There are quite a few LED devices in the marketplace. I noticed that BQ had the smallest application area, but I was hung up on the fact that BQ has four different light wavelengths, and other devices offer one or two (usually) or three. I didn’t think BQ offered good information about this, so I wrote to the company and got some cursory (not useful) information. I went ahead with this product, based on reviews.

    I wish I had done the sensible thing and gotten a device that either has a larger head on the wand, or a device that delivers light from a small panel display. There were four products that seemed to work well, and several are less expensive than BQ. The BQ is eating a large chunk of my time!

    The problem for me, first of all, was that the package contains next to no instructions or safety information. There are no FAQs, in the box or anywhere on the web. For example, the instruction says after you have completed your facial treatment, you should use the Green Setting on any “areas of concern.” (It is the fourth wavelength that other products don’t seem to have.) Well, I don’t know about you, but for me EVERY area is “of concern.” I had to e-mail the company twice to find out that the Green Setting is mainly for “blemishes.” (And the email response didn’t explain what sort of “blemishes” might be treated.)

    I have decided to treat not only my face, but also my throat and decolletage, and my hands. The basic recommended treatment on the face alone takes 24 minutes, and use of the Green Setting (which is timed in four-minute intervals) is another 24. That’s 48 minutes pushing the wand around, but I’m not done.

    Treatment to neck and decolletage takes another 12 minutes. Hands are 8 minutes. Total of 68 minutes.

    I think that BQ should have updated this device to have a larger area of light exposure, thus being quicker. If you are fixated on having a BQ, at least you’ll have this info to help (I hope).

    I’ll write again when I can assess my results.

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