Hewlett-Packard Products – DDS4 Tape Cartridge, 20GB/40GB, 4 mm, 150M – Sold as 1 EA – DDS-4 tape delivers reliable performance. At 150m, DDS-4 tape is longer than DDS-3 (125m), holding two-thirds more data. Electronically tested to withstand a minimum of 2,000 passes or 100 full backups. Offers lower cost of ownership compared with AIT and DLT vs. technologies. 10 years of archival life. Compatible with HP SureStore DAT and non-HP brand DAT tape drives.

HEWC5718A - 1/8quot; DDS-4 Cartridge

  • Formatted 1/8 inch tape data cartridges for DDS drives.
  • Low-cost and high-capacity.
  • Durable, designed for midrange servers.
  • Faster performance; greater storage capacity.
  • Fewer tape swaps during operations.
HP DSS cartridges provide a great low-cost, high-capacity data archiving solution. As they feature a durability rating two times greater than the industry standard, they're the perfect backup media choice for midrange servers. They deliver faster performance and a greater storage capacity, too! That translates as cartridges that require far fewer tape swaps during backup operations, saving both time and money. Every unit is also exhaustively quality tested to ensure unmatched reliability. For Dr

List Price: $ 12.45 Price: $ 11.18

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