How can I save money on pool chemicals?

Question by vicky30pa: How can I save money on pool chemicals?
I have a 5500 gallon easy set pool that I just put up this past month.. and money is starting to get tight for me. I was wondering if anyone has had any success with using dollar store household chlorine bleach in there pool of similar size and what it cost them. I used it in my kids pools in the past ..and yes a pool professional recomended it. Please don’t just say it will be too expensive.. I want people to answer whom have actually done this to save money.

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Answer by I Care 4 Missing Persons
The chlorine in bleach used in washing machines isn’t the same as pool chlorine. It will fade the plastic, weaken the seams and if you look on the label it says it is a skin irritant. A pool the size you are talking about would require about two gallons and because it breaks down so much faster than pool chlorine it’s going to require more and pretty soon your water will be so out of balance it’ll take a small fortune to get it back.

My advise even with money being tight is to go to a reputable pool supply and buying a quality pool chlorine. It’ll last four times longer and won’t cause chlorine burns on the kids skin or turn their hair green.

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  1. bigingin says:

    household chlorine will eat the pool if its vinyl!